Honest Attitude and Discipline in entrepreneurship

Posted by Imam Larh on Tuesday, 27 February 2018

The results of a 1990 study by the Career Development Institute show that Entrepreneurs develop when they know themselves well. This action is done to achieve goals by recognizing the personality and competence of themselves early in order to be able to realize identity. Knowing yourself can be done through several:1. Developing yourself
2. Through others
3. Through group activities
4. Through the organization, and
5. Through self-development with the environment.

This understanding of putting themselves to know themselves well is a process of interacting and communicating with the true meaning of the process of life. With that understanding know themselves well as the basis for introducing the following:
  1. Tthe value system adopted
  2. The norms adopted
  3. Attitude developed on him
  4. The behavior to be developed, and
  5. His views on the future.
This applies to an Entrepreneur to develop themselves and engage with groups within a particular society. These habits and attitudes to in developing the advanced and superior Entrepreneur. One aspect of knowing yourself well is honesty and self-discipline for the success of entrepreneurship.

1. The meaning of honesty in life
Good habits are hard to get, but once they have been acquired they are important treasures that are difficult to judge. One of the treasures of life in humans is the birth of the habit of success. Success is the achievement. 

Success is honesty and discipline. An Entrepreneur who has confidence and personality begins with his own ideas, then develops his business activities that pseudo-cells adhere to the values of honesty and self-discipline. As we know, life is a struggle. Because of the meaning of honesty in life, we must fight with confidence to advance in Entrepreneurship. A good medicine to run a struggle in life is the belief in oneself. 

Love yourself for success. We must love ourselves, family, nation, and country. Positive, creative, and dynamic thinking will deliver results in life. To achieve the desired goals, the meaning of honesty and discipline must be embedded from an early age. We must learn and understand and live the efficacy of honesty in life and truth in the sense of life. 
We must determine the meaning of the purpose of life's honesty:
  1. The short-term goal of Entrepreneurship
  2. A long-term goal of Entrepreneurship
  3. Our own goals, family, and environment
  4. The purpose of nation and state.
In practice, honesty in Entrepreneurship, as well as the level of skill that you get, is still far from being expected. One of them enjoys the results of the development and the result of perceived hard work. who can enjoy the results of development? 

This error still exists in people who think dumb and do not use the opportunities that exist as well as possible. Most are less aware that the value of human honesty and thinking is the key to achieving progress in trying. Progress can be achieved if accompanied by a definite desire and goal in life. Perseverance in Entrepreneurship by fighting for a harsh desire will be able to eliminate all obstacles little by little. 

Finally, with the diligence of hard work, followed by honesty will be able to create an advancement in Entrepreneurship. Progress must be followed by good discipline, not just hard work to achieve good results, but must be followed by high discipline. 
High discipline in life is
  1. Hard work
  2. Have responsibility
  3. Want to achieve achievement
  4. Can be enjoyed, and
  5. The results can be measured.
The meaning of life is problematic with difficulties and obstacles. Without hardships and obstacles, it is impossible for humans to thrive. Every result achieved by an entrepreneur is the result of struggle and sacrifice. Here the meaning of honesty in Entrepreneurial life should we see as a teacher and a boon to encourage optimism to make progress in trying. 

The meaning of honesty in life is aimed at the Hereafter to a certain extent the success of an Entrepreneur depends on honesty to be responsible for his work. Honest in Entrepreneurship means willing and able to say things as they are. When trading, good goods must be said good and damaged goods must be said to be damaged. 

Honesty can be likened to "amanah". Amanah is if entrusted in entrepreneurship is not treacherous, if said always true and if promised in business is not possible. Honest meanings in this life including the nature that should be owned by an entrepreneur, because this nature will bring consumer confidence. With the willingness to do honestly, means every act done by Entrepreneurs means to please others and yourself.

2. Prove the meaning of honesty
The meaning of honesty can be measured by indicators that can be followed as follows:

  1. Religion,
  2. Logic,
  3. Regulations,
  4. Norms and values, and
  5. Agreed Agreement.

To prove the meaning of honesty to ourselves, we must answer the questions below.
  1. Have I been honest with myself?
  2. Is my honesty with family, nation and state correct?
  3. Have I ever been dishonest?
  4. Which dishonesty I have done?
  5. What dishonest acts committed against
  6. A fellow business friend or someone else?
  7. The work I do?
  8. The results I get?
The questions we have to answer and must be answered. To get answers to honesty problems in order to be objective, you should ask for help from others. From the answers of others, we will get the correct answer or close to the meaning of truth. To achieve the truth and success, we must determine what the goals or objectives we want to achieve in Entrepreneurship. 

We must learn and understand the true efficacy of truth and honesty. Truth and honesty are the most appropriate assurances to achieve progress in Entrepreneurship. Honesty in all business activities, such as weighing the goods, measuring, dividing, pledging debt will make the peace of mind and heart. In doing so, doing business must be justified by honesty. If an Entrepreneur is honest, he will benefit from all directions that he did not expect where it came from. 

An Entrepreneur can develop his environment because he can give what is there, both his wealth and his mind. The willingness to do so is a commendable and acceptable behavior by society. If people whisper not honest then wait for destruction An Entrepreneur in everyday life has obligations, both to himself and to society. One of the obligations to self is the effort to forge and train oneself in fostering personal discipline.

3. Dishonesty in trying and all its consequences
The nature and behavior of Entrepreneur must be able to accompany patience, diligence, craft, and progress of hard work in an entrepreneurial personal business. An Entrepreneur who has no honesty and personal discipline will not succeed in achieving his goals and ideals. 

The honesty and self-discipline of an Entrepreneur is a self-imposed moral obligation, for the purposes of oneself according to his nature. The dishonest person in Entrepreneurship, will suffer and will accept a situation:
  • Unbelievable consumer society
  • Being inferiority and shame
  • Easily offended or emotionally
  • Quickly envy and jealousy
  • Resentment
  • Prejudice and lies
  • No friends, or
  • Destruction in his business.
One of the keys to success of an entrepreneur in his business is the nature of honesty and trust of the consumer society against him. Now what if the entrepreneur in his business is dishonest and irresponsible? Consequently many consumer societies do not believe it, either to the field of business or to his career. 

This is especially true for the employment of the company and the trade. To be an employee of the company, the factor of honesty and responsibility gets the spotlight and serious judgment on the part of the company owner. Honesty is the ultimate joint for survival followed by mind and hard work.

People who always remember the gods wherever and whenever are people who are honest, calm, patient, and regular in carrying out their work. To achieve the inner and outer happiness is not easy to say. To get it requires honesty in the struggle and sacrifice. 

How to cultivate the meaning of honesty and responsibility of an Entrepreneur? The ways to cultivate the meaning of honesty and responsibility are as follows:
  1. Learn to obtain cleanliness and inner freedom,
  2. Learn to emphasize the crowd or the inner virtues,
  3. Educate yourself so as to have good morals,
  4. Learn to comply with applicable law,
  5. Improve prayer and work.
  6. Train self-discipline

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