Developing Creative Attitudes in entrepreneurship

Posted by Imam Larh on Tuesday, 27 February 2018

The difference between a successful person and a person who fails in the spiritual field. What people usually think, by someone determines what will be achieved. This applies in the field of commerce and other fields. If one can think intelligently and creatively, then the person will get certain results. If his thoughts are uncertain and not directed to a certain purpose, then the results will be disappointing. 

Compare if there are two Entrepreneurs. One is busy and restless but does not produce anything important. This is because his thoughts and ideas are not prepared and not taken seriously. Others carry out their daily work in a calm and orderly manner, paying attention to each part, making decisions appropriately, then every day will get good results.

The power possessed by every human being that is often called the imagination, through this imaginary power that man can achieve high will and ability to find all things. The imagination can be divided into 2, the imagination of synthesis and creative imagination. The imagination of synthesis is not to create new things, but to form and compose the old in the form of new combinations. 

While the power of creative imagination is creating new things, especially if imaginary power synthesis cannot work in solving a problem. Through this creative imagination, the limited human mind can deal directly with its subtle mind. Perhaps it is this mind that transmits inspiration and inspiration and conveys new ideas as a result to be a tool for humans to adjust their inner vibrations with vibrations in others. 

Fantasy usually works automatically and works only if the conscious mind moves at such an incredible speed as it gets the impulse of an emotion generated by a strong desire. In this connection, the creative thinking of an Entrepreneur can break down and then push it in the development of the environment to be successful.

>> Understanding Creativity
Difficulties and chaos that occur in human life should not be considered as an obstacle to advance in entrepreneurship. Face this life with confidence. When we are faced with a bad situation, do not be angry, despairing or disappointed. Beliefs, fortitude, and piety to God Almighty must we have and we instill in ourselves. 

Failure and darkness that envelop, which makes the view of life to be bleak, should we change to be more bright, productive, and full of creative. Positive thinking leads to good things, and something bad must be viewed as the best experience and teacher. That way of thinking can be said to be a creative and productive way of thinking. 

Entrepreneurial Man has an independent soul, it is supported by creative ways of thinking. Creative thinking itself is supported by two things: the deployment of imagination and the process of scientific thinking. With creative thinking, we can solve various problems.

Creativity can be developed by increasing the number and variety of inputs to the brain, especially on new things, by utilizing the memory, imagination and absorption of the brain will be able to grow new ideas to create. Creativity is a work that is the result of thought and ideas. 

There is a long process sequence and must be worked out before an idea becomes a work. The sequence includes fixation (fixation, stabilization) and idea formulation, plan formulation, and real action programs that must be done in accordance with the plan that has been developed to realize the idea Creativity is a process that can be developed and improved.

However, this ability is different from one person to another. Ability and talent are basic, but knowledge of the environment can also affect a person's creativity. So far there is a wrong assumption about the creative person. Some say only genius / smart people who have creativity. Creativity is not a mysterious talent that is reserved for only a few people. Considering creativity is a way of dealing with what is often done illogically. 

This process involves a connection between many things where others sometimes do not or have not thought about it yet.What is meant by creativity, in this case, is to present a new idea? Creativity is a process that can be developed and improved. You must know that the creativity of each person is different, one's ability in talent, knowledge, and environment can also affect creativity. 

Creativity is an important source of competitive power due to environmental changes. Innovation by Goman (1991) is a practical application of creative ideas. Innovation is created because of the high creativity. Creativity is the ability to bring something new into life. 

Another suggestion is that creativity is the ability to create a new product:
  1. Creativity is the ability to create combinations to combine or to see new relationships between pre-existing elements, data, variables.
  2. Creativity is the ability of a person to give birth to something new, both in the form of ideas and real work that is relatively different from what has been there before. Conny Semiawan (1984).
In managing the business, the success of an entrepreneur lies in the attitude and ability to try, and have a high morale. While the spirit or high work ethos of an entrepreneur that lies in creativity and self-confidence to go forward in entrepreneurship. A creative entrepreneur can create new things to grow his business. 

Creativity can channel inspiration and inspiration to new ideas for advancement in the field of business. We can not have a complete picture of the future, but our actions will have consequences in the future. Therefore, we need creative thinking that helps to see the consequences of action and to provide an alternative action. Creative thinking is directly related to value addition, value creation, and the discovery of business opportunities.

Creative thinking patterns are also needed to describe the state of the future, where an Entrepreneur will operate, will also provide an image that can not be generated by exploration of today's trends. De Bono, argues that creative thinking is a very big motivator because it makes people very interested in the job. 

Creative thinking also provides the possibility for everyone to achieve a goal. A creative Entrepreneur will make life more fun, more interesting and will provide a framework and be able to work with others.

Randeep, mentions the characteristics of creative thinking as follows:
  1. Sensitive to problems,
  2. Able to generate a number of great ideas,
  3. Flexible,
  4. Authenticity,
  5. Want to listen to feelings,
  6. Openness to subconscious symptoms,
  7. Gave motivation,
  8. Free from fear of failure,
  9. Able to concentrate, and
  10. Have the ability to choose.
An Entrepreneur who has the power of high creativity development will be able to remodel and push it in the development of the business environment to be successful. Because with the creativity of an Entrepreneur can
  1. Improve work efficiency,
  2. Increase initiative,
  3. Improve appearance,
  4. Improve product quality, and
  5. Increase profits.
A creative entrepreneur is constantly bombarded with business information materials through television, newspapers, magazines, conversations with others, reports, letters, memos, announcements, leaflets, telephones and so on. There are a few things that Creative Entrepreneurs need to be mindful of in seeking information that is important to their business:
  1. Information about personality and ability,
  2. Market opportunity,
  3. Business opportunities that benefit the company,
  4. Supplier of goods,
  5. Needs and desires of consumers of the product,
  6. Competition in the business world, and
  7. The business environment it faces and others.
For Entrepreneurs, the level of creativity will greatly support the progress of the business. In a global business environment, where change is so fast, organizations are forced to require creative people who can anticipate and respond to change. Therefore, creativity is actually a process that can be developed and improved. 

The creativity of an entrepreneur can also be influenced by talent, ability, and science. Likewise, the experience of an Entrepreneur is also a valuable teacher to trigger the creativity of success in the company. An Entrepreneur is said to be creative when it has the ability to create something new or to hold something that does not yet exist. To spur high creativity there are 4 stages according to Edward de Bono (1970) in the creative process, namely:

a. Background or Knowledge 
Accumulation Good creations are usually preceded by investigation and information gathering. This includes reading, talking to others, attending professional meetings and absorbing information in relation to the issues at hand. In addition, we can also pursue different fields with our problems as this can broaden the horizons and provide different viewing angles.

b. Incubation Process
At this stage, one does not always have to keep thinking about the problem he is facing, but he can while doing other activities, the usual, the same thing has nothing to do with the problem. However, there are certain times in which he must take the time to think about this problem for his solution.

c. Giving Ideas
Ideas or solutions that are in tune are sought to be discovered. Sometimes an idea occurs at a time that has nothing to do with the problem. It can appear suddenly. Here he must be able to quickly and perceptively capture and formulate both the idea and the advanced problem solving of the idea.

d. Evaluation and Implementation

This stage is the most difficult stage in the stages of the creative process because in this stage one must be more serious, disciplined, and really concentrate. Successful entrepreneurs can identify ideas that may be workable and have the ability to execute them. More importantly, he does not give up when faced with obstacles. 

In fact, usually, he will only successfully develop ideas after several tries. Another important point in this phase is where Entrepreneurs try to retrieve ideas until they find their final form because the idea that emerged in stage III (c) was usually in imperfect form. So, it still needs to be modified and tested to get the raw and mature form of the idea mentioned.

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