Foretold! Donald Trump fared poorly in the lunar new year 2018

Posted by Imam Larh on Thursday, 15 February 2018

Fortune President the United States Donald Trump in the lunar new year was foretold 2569 fengsui experts Hong Kong, Thierry Chow. Although Trump also bersio dog because born on 1946, he predicted not too lucky in the Year of the dog this land.

That's because Trump is Zodiac dog fire this year, even though the dog land. Thus, contrary to the Zodiac element this year.

As reported news agency AFP, the element of fire from a year of birth Trump would mess up his health. The same elements are also predicted to make words in a speech as well as the consequences of problems elicit Trump is real.

"The element of too much heat and too much land, so that it will make one dime off-balance," said Chow, was quoted as saying the AFP.

Not just for personal Trump, Chow also reminded of the dangers of relationships Trump with China in the fields of trade and economy. "The seven Stars fell to the East side, the star that affects communication, thus causing gossip and misunderstandings," he explained.

He also predicts the increasingly strained relations between the US and North Korea.

CHOW predict shooting star system and read the position of the constellation of stars. Fengsui is reasonably believed the Asian community. They even adjust her life by putting certain things in order to elicit appropriate fengsui goodness.

Based on the philosophy that there are, all the things set the balance of the five elements that make up the world: iron, wood, water, fire, and soil.

In Hong Kong, a regular community asks expert fengsui first before making important decisions in his life, including a vote on marriage and a new home. When already have homes, they also determine the location of the furniture using Feng Shui.

Each year, usually at the beginning of the new year Chinese calendar, there is China or index fengsui issued to predict great things will happen the next year lamas

CHOW predicted 2018 will be tinged revival of the technology sector and the internet. It is an industry that has to do with the fire and will reach the top of his resurrection in May and July.

According to him, the dog this year represents the duty and loyalty, which is at once a sign of Defense and protection. "Employers should be loyal to their clients who are loyal and investors are advised not to overdo it," said Chow again.

He also foresaw the happiness of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who will be married next May. "I think [the marriage and relationship] it will be very smooth, will bring goodness to the country and a great energy to the world," he said. (AFP/RSA)

Source : CNN

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