Positive attitudes in running a business

Posted by Imam Larh on Tuesday, 27 February 2018

1. The importance of positive attitude
A positive attitude contributes greatly to achieving successful achievements. A positive mental attitude is very easy an Entrepreneur candidate to focus on activities of the results to be achieved. An Entrepreneur must have.

a positive mental attitude towards all events and seek wisdom from every incarnation. A positive mental attitude here means definite, firm or proven. Therefore, an entrepreneurial candidate in the effort will always be said: "definitely can". Habit of positive mental attitude will grow faster if

  1. Entrepreneurial Candidates have a model to be and can be emulated
  2. Entrepreneurial candidates must have a strong intention to develop a positive attitude
  3. Entrepreneurial candidates must be able to learn and observe
The positive habits of successful Entrepreneurs. Meredith (2000) states that negative experiences have positive features. You have to be mentally positive towards all events and seek the wisdom of every experience. Therefore, Entrepreneurs need to develop a positive attitude as follows:
  1. Focus your attention in such a way.
  2. Use your mind productively.
  3. Choose positive goals in your work.
  4. Stay away from negative thoughts and ideas.
  5. Mix with people who think and act as Entrepreneurship.
  6. Realize that you are in control of your mind.
  7. You should always be aware of opportunities to improve your situation.
  8. Do not be afraid to leave an idea, if not produce which is positive.
  9. Your circumstances will affect your achievement.
  10. Believe in yourself and your talents.
  11. Success will come to those who believe in ability them and use that ability completely.
  12. Remove the mental burden by taking action.
By paying attention to such steps and actions then Entrepreneurs start to recognize themselves first. We must assess and recognize oneself as being possessed weakness but will gain the grace of strength from God. Learning, practicing and working hard is one way to achieve goals that build honesty and self-discipline.

2. Positive attitude and discipline Entrepreneurship in the school environment
Applying a positive attitude and discipline in the pattern of aspiring entrepreneurs in the school environment is required, to be honest, behave which is commendable on the basis of the following:
  1. Religious ethics,
  2. The prevailing school rules,
  3. Ethics of association with friends at school and outside school,
  4. Td. The legal ethics prevailing in society.
An aspiring Entrepreneur who has a behavior or a character that good, honest, laudable, ideal and positive, he is said to have a personality tall one. The following are some of the efforts that can be taken for applying the honest attitude of an Entrepreneurial candidate in the school environment, namely as follows:
  1. Facilities and infrastructure of practice,
  2. The formal education curriculum,
  3. Teaching and learning process,
  4. The personal attitudes of teachers,
  5. Methods of teaching,
  6. Active student learning,
  7. Learning guidance systems,
  8. Organizing learning experiences,
  9. Presenting Successful Entrepreneurs (Success Story).
To realize the honest attitude of the Entrepreneurs in the school environment is looking for the development of the subjects entrepreneurship. The subject of entrepreneurship intends to provide a minimum for graduates of vocational high schools, to be honest, disciplined and entrepreneurial people to be responsible. 

Something else can be done when the students do practical field work, which is expected to develop an attitude honest and discipline as the students grow and develop during the di field. Participation of students in the apprenticeship with teachers when teachers having extra-employment outside teaching is worth noting. 

Applying honest attitude Entrepreneurship in the pattern of care in the environment schools, including the following:
a. Increase belief in soul and personal responsibility

  1. Inculcating piety to God Almighty
  2. Inculcate attitude
  3. Inculcate honesty
  4. Instilling gratitude, praying and working
  5. Instill self-esteem
  6. Maintain the trust of others
  7. Inculcate initiative, creativity, and self-discipline
  8. Increase the sense of responsibility in everyday life.
b. Improve mental attitude and personality:
  1. Instilling a willingness to work hard,
  2. Install a mental attitude to move forward,
  3. Instilling tenacity and perseverance to forge ahead,
  4. Clever mingle with all parties,
  5. Dare to reject dirty seeds or negative thoughts,
  6. Instill confidence to move forward together.
The school itself should strive to establish cooperation and constructively with other educational institutions, such as family, community, business, and government. Living in doubt, anxiety, the fear of negative thinking needs to be eliminated by the students.
Guidance of positive honest attitude generated can be obtained through the road, namely:

  1. Love the relationship between man and his God.
  2. Be honest with yourself and others
  3. Know your own self
  4. Trust each other trust
  5. Love and recognize the environment
  6. Develop a lofty desire in each of us
  7. Mix with the flexible with anyone
  8. Loving everyone
  9. Willing to cooperate with others.
Various factors that enable the occurrence of a failure in Entrepreneurship, among others caused by the following things:
a. Less understanding of the meaning of intercourse and ignore the meaning of life.
In this case, it will appear from every Entrepreneur when:

  1. Left behind the information
  2. Rigid in association
  3. Selfishness
  4. Does not benefit from the meaning of association and meaning of life
  5. Does not value the opinions of others
  6. Can not cooperate with others
b. Less attention to the role and meaning of personality
They do not mean the essence of the role and the sense of personality that will find:

  1. Employment and self-employment
  2. The discovery of purpose and the achievement of life goals
  3. Lifestyle and benefits
c. Dishonesty An entrepreneur's dishonest attitude can occur, including:
  • Self
  • Business did
  • Not living the meaning of life
  • Less mingle fellow Entrepreneurs
  • Disadvantaged information Competition
  • d. Poor balance of mind power
    Unbalanced thinking between positive and negative thoughts. Negative thinking will give rise to:
    1. Restless and restless
    2. Prejudice
    3. Hesitations
    4. Jealousy, envy, and envy
    5. Fear and fear
    e. Less able to determine and confident
    An Entrepreneur here cannot determine or work on how to increase enthusiasm in Entrepreneurship. To eliminate the above attitude, must have an honest attitude and train yourself to:
    1. Using mindset and doing creative, innovative, and constructive by using positive thinking
    2. Familiarize yourself to do and say honestly in accordance with reality
    3. Away and discard the negative traits It's good we ask and ask ourselves. 
    Some questions we need to answer, as follows:
    • How can we succeed in Entrepreneurship?
    • What features does the successful Entrepreneur have?
    • To what success does an entrepreneur gain?
    • Why are there so few successful Entrepreneurs?
    • Does failure in achieving ideals should we see as "bright rays" to make progress?
    • What is the success of the person in trying is the existence of trust and honesty?
    3. Apply a positive pattern
    Applying a positive attitude, Entrepreneurship in the pattern of care in the environment
    schools can be implemented with activities and processes group study in the classroom, discussion or joining a particular seminar business world and the future. Positive patterns and discipline can be implemented, as follows :
    1. Schools bring religious and personality experts
    2. Bring and invite successful Entrepreneurs to deliver the lecture.
    3. Students are taken to carry out industrial visits
    4. The students are given the task to learn about the success of the people 
    Entrepreneur through:
    • Magazines
    • Commercial radio broadcasts
    • Books
    • Research results
    • Television broadcasts
    • Film success story
    • A documentary about the events of the business world.
    1. The students are assigned to carry out street vendors or PSGs in production units or at certain companies
    2. Develop cooperation with relevant agencies and institutions able to develop students.
    3. Organize and equip the study room with props on entrepreneurship.
    4. The students were given some reading material that was related to the success of Entrepreneurs. For example given an article, a magazine, a letter news, and so forth.
    The difficulty of learning to practice about entrepreneurship in school can not be solved by sitting pensively. Tribulation learning to practice to Entrepreneurship can be overcome by improving:
    1. Willpower and willingness to succeed
    2. High learning spirit
    3. A fun student personality
    4. A sense of gratitude to God
    5. Strong discipline of self
    6. Belief and will
    7. Honesty and responsibility
    8. Want to work hard
    Realize that failure, hardship, and suffering are as a test and a teacher to make progress on in Entrepreneurship. Willingness to believe, believe, and trust is a most powerful weapon to deal with that state no matter how bad. Teaching and learning process entrepreneurship in the classroom might be more dynamic if the teacher entrepreneurship can provide by using methods learning "Problem Based Learning" (Problem Based Learning). 

    With the approach of this method, entrepreneurial teachers can provide a problem to the students as a trigger for fishing the involvement and pro active students are honest. In the pattern of upbringing applying honest attitude in the school environment, all the problems are brought into group work as well discuss it. The work of the group was asked to be presented in class or plenary discussions. 

    Early recognition as a reflective thinking process that was introduced early in the school environment. With self-development will be more effective when focused on efforts strengthen existing positive habits, and develop new positive habits, to hold activities

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