The officer shot a wrong turn to NASA headquarters

Posted by Imam Larh on Thursday, 15 February 2018

Washington DC-Allegedly because of the wrong turn, discusses a vehicle containing three people attacked security officers at the headquarters of United States National Security Agency (NSA) near Washington DC. Three people were injured in the incident to be rushed to the hospital.

A number of Federal Bureau of Minister VIVAnews (FBI) says as reported by Reuters, Thursday (15/2/2018), the incident that took place on Wednesday (14/2) morning local time is believed to be
 unrelated to terrorism. 

According to the Minister, this FBI vehicle contained three people were speeding towards one of the gates of the offices of the NSA at Fort Meade, Maryland shortly before 7 a.m. to 07.00 local times. Respond to the presence of foreign vehicles, the security officers opened fire at him. Shots were fired as part of the procedure because there are rules of the NSA Security breached by the vehicle. 

Abandoned in the press, FBI Special Agent in charge in Baltimore, Gordon Johnson, declared it the middle of quizzing three people inside the vehicle to find out their motives approach NSA headquarters without permission. " That became our questions, one: what to bring to these individuals to the headquarters in the morning, "he said. Johnson affirmed in a press, abandoned that no parties to believe this incident has something to do with terrorism.

The vehicle had three people not referred to its identity, it appears the former bullet holes filled at the windshield. The front of the vehicle also suffered damage severe enough because this vehicle had slammed into the concrete border. " Apparently the shot was directed to these vehicles, "said Johnson, who rejected circled is there a firearm in the vehicle.

Two of the three people in the vehicle, now in detention for questioning NSA. While one other person, the driver of a vehicle, are still treated in hospital for injuries which are not described further. Appointed police NSA and civilians near Interest also suffered injuries and was rushed to the hospital. NSA liquid one of espionage as institutions, headquartered in a u.s. the military facility in Maryland which is 48 kilometers from Washington DC.

NSA headquarters located near Washington DC area toll roads and the investigators believe there is a possibility that foreign vehicles are the wrong to turn. " People get into the NSA it all the time. They came away with it, may not know ... It became one of the theories, "said FBI spokesman, shows Dave Fitz.

Earlier in the year 2015 in the March incident, discussing the vehicle contained two men drove in the gate of the NSA. Shots were fired when the vehicle refused to stop. One person was killed him one shot security officer. Solidify when it circled the vehicle it's the wrong turn after good-looking partying and do drugs.

Source: News Detik

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