Usability and the parties that require accounting information

Posted by Imam Larh on Wednesday, 14 February 2018

The usefulness of accounting

The following are the usefulness of accounting:

  1.  Provides financial information relavan of an enterprise for investment decision-making and appropriate credit.
  2.  Become a media business communication between management and the external users regarding the financial position of the company.
  3. Give a relavan about the company's cash flow and the ability of the company in generating profits.
  4. Be a form of mempertanggungjawaban management of the company to shareholders.
  5. Give an overview of the company's condition from one period to the next period on the growth/decline and benchmarking with other similar companies.
Parties parties that require accounting information

The purpose of accounting is to provide financial information to users/parties require financial transactions data yeng a company. As for piha parties require accounting information, as follows:

1. internal Party

Management is in the company of the parties concerned directly and urgently need financial information for the purpose of controlling, pengoordinasian, and planning of an enterprise.

2. Parties Estern

The following are the various parties outside the company who needs the accounting information:

a. the owners/investors and prospective owner

The owner requires accounting information to know the position of the forward/backwards in the company, so that he can determine whether it will maintain its business or not.

b. creditors and prospective creditors

Accounting information for creditors is useful to assess the company's ability in returning the loan, so that it can be used as a guideline as to whether his loan or plus will thus be drawn loans have been granted.

c. Government

For government accounting information is very useful for tax purposes and their settings, the examination of the truth of the reported tax jumblah, and as a means of judging whether the company complies with rules set or not.

d. Employees

Economic information from the accounting process for employees would be useful to know the company's withdrawal forward or may affect the stability of work, consideration of the ups and downs of wages and social security, as well as in the framework of determining the choice of measures should be done with respect to kelasngsungan it works.

e. Customer
The accounting process of economic information useful for evaluating in decision-making related to business companies and determine the continuation of the business relationship in the future.

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