Vehicle collision at Heathrow Airport

Posted by Imam Larh on Thursday, 15 February 2018

Dozens of flights had to be delayed after the collision of two vehicles at Heathrow Airport, London, United Kingdom. A man was killed in the accident.

Civil defense emergency workers brought the airfield near Terminal 5 on Wednesday (14/2) at around 06.00 local times, following a collision between a truck operation of Heathrow Airport with a vehicle carrier British Airways.

Local media reported The Sun as reported by, Thursday (15/2/2018), a technician 40-year-old British Airways suffered a heart attack at the site of the accident and was declared dead in hospital after paramedics struggled to save his soul. An airport worker also was rushed to the hospital because of a shoulder injury suffered in consequence of the collision.

A result of this incident, hundreds of passengers who had been in the aircraft that will take off, was demoted and forced to return to the terminal building. More than 30 flights delayed on any Wednesday (14/2) morning local time, even some experienced delays for more than two hours.

Unknown cause of this collision. Police and the Health and safety of the United Kingdom has started an investigation into the accident.

An airport worker said, one vehicle apparently drove fast before the collision. "There's a tight speed restriction, but the extent of the damage indicates at least one vehicle definitely sped up quickly," said an airport worker.

"This tragic incident and everyone at the airport is currently in a State of shock," he added.

A spokesman for Heathrow Airport has confirmed the deadly incident. "We can confirm that following a serious accident involving two vehicles on our airfield, an airport a colleague has died," he said.

"Our deepest Sorrow for the families and friends affected by this accident. We will cooperate fully with the police in the investigation will be done, "he added.


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