10-year-old girl accidentally murdered her mother as a result of Snowfeeding

Posted by Imam Larh on Sunday, 11 March 2018

WEACCOUNTING NEWS -  A 10-year-old girl in New York, United States, accidentally killed her own mother. It happened when the girl and her mother tried to get their car out of the big snow.

ABC News reported on Sunday (11/3/2018), a tragic accident occurred in the city of Tonawanda, near Niagara Falls, Thursday 8 March. The girl was about to help her mother free their car trapped in snow and mud.

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Police said the car was in a circular position as the 48-year-old woman pushed her from the open driver's side door. Then his daughter mistakenly and accidentally pressed the car's accelerator.
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Due to the mistake, the mother hit the door, fell and dragged to the bottom of the car. He died instantly at the scene.

The local police immediately evacuated the mother and daughter. The boy was very shocked over the events that befell his mother.

A tow truck finally picked up the trapped vehicle, but the medical officer claimed the girl's mother had died.


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