Antarctic Ice Mountain Melts Faster than Expected

Posted by Imam Larh on Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Antarctic Ice Mountain Melts Faster than Expected

Scientists have found surprising finds, icebergs or glaciers as big as the French state of Antarctica, Totten, turned out to melt even more than expected.

The melting of one of the largest glaciers triggered sea surface rise faster. Scientists are tightening observations to find out how Totten Mountain can melt so quickly and what are the causes.

In fact, they concluded that Totten's icebergs had been floating in the sea, no longer stabbing to the bottom.

"We think that this mountain has a foundation at some point, we've detected the ocean below and indicated that the mountain is already floating," said Central Winers University researcher Paul Winberry, quoted by AFP on Tuesday, March 20, 2018.

This finding, he said, is very important because some recent studies show that the center of the mountain has melted due to warmer sea water and contains high salt into the sidelines through the bottom.

According to him, this is what makes the Totten Mountain Es melt faster than expected.

"It also shows that Tottem is likely to be more sensitive to changes in future conditions," he said.

The head of Totten's research team from Australia, Ben Galton Fenzi, said if the ice on the mountain melts entirely then it can raise the global sea level up to 3 meters.

"Since the 1990s the global sea level has risen by about 20 centimeters and in the end of the century it is projected to rise more than 1 meter," he said.

But the melting of Mount Totten can not be detected from the air because the whole Antarctica is covered by snow blankets and ice that are many miles thick. This is what causes scientists to find out how the condition of the mountain. Besides the activity of melt mountain more happening at the bottom of the mountain.


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