Developing Positive Work Attitude

Posted by Imam Larh on Friday, 2 March 2018

The way you use your work, your knowledge and energy skills determine your outcomes every day. If you organize the four best, then you multiply your daily work.

> Using Time
In order to advance rapidly, every minute you must use for a practical purpose. Therefore, you should try not to let anyone disturb and steal your time. Devote all the time to the things that matter. Get rid of all the less important things and leave it to someone else. Gradually delegate things that are less important. Notice the outline only. Implement the important things first.

> Using your Ability
Check carefully to where you can use the capabilities for your company's interests. There will certainly be ideas to expand your capacity, perhaps you can improve how to speak, how to choose words, improve your spiritual and temporal attitudes. 

If you want to succeed, it is very important that you always keep in mind the things that will be done. Therefore, make a list before you start work. A written plan for you is as important as the architect's drawing for a contractor.

> Using Knowledge
Perhaps you know a lot about a company that you have not yet used. Check that much knowledge you have not used. Write in a few lines about your opinion, then use it as well as you can. Expand your knowledge. Perhaps you know better than anyone about your narrow or limited knowledge. Check and extend your knowledge. 

Try it, so that your knowledge can be trusted. Based on your knowledge of facts (facts). Do not trust something that matters solely because someone tells you. Search for yourself so that your descriptions come firsthand. What do you know the facts and how to put it, of course, you have the power that is hard to resist.

> Using Energy
Save your energy or energy for a specific task and purpose. Save with your energy by having a specific purpose. Check how much energy you use every day. Whether you use that energy too much or too little. Based on that, you can use the right way of doing the job. The machine must be sufficiently energized to work smoothly. 

Not only do you have the energy to be able to carry out your work, but also enough energy to get your job done as well as possible. The stronger your body, the more likely you get

Below are some of the guidelines for living a healthy life:
a) Chew your food as well as possible.
b) Do gymnastics for ten minutes every morning and night.
c) Take a bath every day.
d) Breathe deeply.
e) Sleep every night, eight hours.

The best physical exercise is where the muscles and tendons are alternately loosened and contracted. It will refresh your body and soul. Balance is more important and avoids things that are beyond the limit. Always try to generate achievement. Take frequent time to think or rest. There is time to work, and there is time to rest. 

Keep your body fresh. Usahaka is not too demanding of yourself. There are many differences between continuous effort and uneasy haste. There is talk time and silence time. Save with your energy, even if you are doing important work. Wasting energy is as bad as lack of energy

> Accuracy
Orderly and meticulous is closely related to success. A well-known entrepreneur says that "the habit of suspending something is a coral that destroys more companies than any other kind of rock." The habit of suspending something until tomorrow is very detrimental if you want to succeed. Some people say precisely that anxiety and order are the nature of the earth and the heavens. 

The planets circle the sun on a predetermined path at a certain time and always where they should be. Thus in the business world of rigor and order is the nature of the company can not rotate smoothly. If an entrepreneur can divide his time well, then everything can happen at a certain time suspended, the work must be done the time that should be filled with other work. 

Thus the work of the day is so messed up. "To reach the place you can achieve, you have to imagine it in your delusions as clearly as possible, and take a good look at it. What you need is a creative mind with a clear purpose, endless craft and a habit of systematically dividing the work. If you do not already have these traits, you should strive to
has as soon as possible.

Measuring Personal Ability and Behavior In order for you to grow and achieve success, you must continue to do useful things. Therefore, pay special attention to the practical instructions and try them in your daily life

> Trying to Maximize Possibly
As in your life, you have ambition and aspiration, then every day you have to have a certain purpose before you do anything else. If you succeed every day doing a decent and worthy job, you will surely get a constant passion for believing that a barrage of chores from such a day will be something fun in business. Therefore, try every day to make a plan work, write and always pay attention to it. If you have not done so, do this now. 

It is very important for your progress to affirm this as well. If you have done the time division, you should obey all of it. There should be a deep sense of responsibility and obligation to encourage and urge you to devote a particular plan. If any part of your work creates a bad taste, just face it with a genuine sense of well-being. Undoubtedly you will experience a very deep satisfaction.

> Take advantage of All Opportunities
Always believe in doing every job that you will succeed. Encourage and awaken all your activities so you can get more powerful results. Always keep looking at new opportunities, coming to pick you up, and hurry up without waiting. Keep your eyes on the highest aspirations, and always remember with your perseverance that you will succeed. 

Do not you wait until you feel good about a job, but try to be happy with the work. One hour of focusing attention and effort on one job only resulted in more hours than to do work without rules. Try starting today. Get used to doing the job in a certain time, and do as well as it is.

> Grateful to the Work
You have to work hard. To achieve success, you must climb. If sometimes it seems difficult to remember all the benefits, the work becomes a blessing for the people who work. Work is an honor. Check out the careers of successful people in their lives. Work is a medicine for the soul, even better than you. Work is your own life because without a job you have no self-esteem.

Dispose of the idea that to be successful requires special talents. Check out the achievements of the people who are progressing by leaps and bounds. They are advancing because they overcome difficulties. People whose talent talents are not so great, but very diligent and steadfast are more advanced than those with many talents, but not so diligent and passionate.

> Increase Courage
You must be experiencing many difficulties and disappointments, the truth. Nevertheless, stick firmly to the goal. Force yourself to perform difficult jobs. Thus, your courage will increase. Most of the greatest difficulties and difficulties disappear from self-belief. Know the need for backup power to achieve success. 

Provide the spare parts for use in the later days. Always remember how much power we have in us If there are signs of spiritual excess or in performing difficult and difficult tasks there is a tendency to despair, try the following exercise: stand up straight, breathe deeply. Rise up and tilt your face up. Do it energetically several times. 

If you lengthen your body as much, then you can work with passion. Energy is the basis of character (character). If you are energetic (a lot of energy) and in the exercise of all conscious acts of purpose, you will soon become an independent and many initiatives. Switching jobs makes people free. 

Most people do not suffer from the fact that they work too much, but they do not work regularly and organized. Keep it out of work, there is enough time to rest. Free hours are most enjoyable after a lot of hard work. Work at work. Refuse to waste your time. Use every minute as well as possible. Concentrate and energize on the work you are doing.

> Check Your Own Abilities
It's important to always check yourself out so that you know where you are progressing, and that you make a better future-day ahead. Do this on every first day of every month, and write your opinions briefly. Copy every day about two pages from a good book. Thus, your ability to pronounce your ideas will increase. 

Choose the results of good thoughts. Pick the best thought outcomes from around the world. If you encounter an opinion or feeling that you think is of any use, write it in the book as soon as possible and then it should be developed as soon as possible.

> Respond to Outside Developments
Use your work time as well as possible, but also pay attention to other fields so that your thoughts/concerns can be moved and become healthful. Do not ignore the pleasures of light pleasure in this life. Paying attention to things outside of your work will help your soul and will make you more happy to face your basic work. 

Much depends on the types of activities and your plans. If you work a lot while sitting and the nature of your work is thought-provoking, you should pay attention to lightness and rest. Notice also the spiritual education and the arts. Many people are busy and preoccupied with their work so that until they reach the age of fifty or sixty they remain excited so that they can not escape from their work. 

They finally "die in their job". Success in work should be a tool for high goals. Higher goals may be on the political ground, the charity grounds, but whatever you do should be really there.

> Have a Passion and Pain
Learn to do your own work. Raise the desire to do great things and succeed. Keep your work to be part of your personality and become the embodiment of your personality. Try to improve the job until you are truly successful. Shakespeare was fifty when he died. I, now sixty-eight, realized that my health was improving. 

I think that Shakespeare died at such a young age because he was not working. I experienced that age is closely related to work. Working means more acid for the lungs, the appetite (lust) of eating and is the activity that refreshes the soul and the mind. Bismarck was sixty-five when he ruled Germany. 

Gladstone at the age of eighty-two was a significant political power in England; They ruled France when at the age of eighty. Those who imitate him devote his best effort and mind in their own field.

> Expand Your Spirit
In a successful company, the workers and their employees must be enthusiastic. This spirit usually depends on the manager himself. You should have so much energy that you can give to others. You should try to keep everyone working under or beside you, proud of doing their job as well as possible. 

Many people desire success without realizing what it really means. The person is generally slow and slow, and people who are constantly diligent are rare. Usually, people who are rarely there, is in a very high position, both the world of trade and in the world of other fields. Many people fail even if they are smart and intelligent. 

This is because they do not have enough fortitude. They fall and slip, while the less talented, but greater will and determination, achieve their goals.

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