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Posted by Imam Larh on Sunday, 18 March 2018

1, Characteristic characteristics of Entrepreneurship

The entrepreneur is the person who organizes and directs the new business. Entrepreneurs dare to take risks associated with the process of starting their business. Some Entrepreneurs can be born into an art by starting to open rice stalls, cigarette kiosks, bicycle workshops, and eventually, continue to grow into big and successful.

Most of those who learn to become Entrepreneurs, always follow and learn the success of experienced Entrepreneurs. Maybe they have admired someone's success, relatives, friends, or from parents.

Economic activity continues to grow and develop. This condition causes everyone to try to develop themselves with the competence they have to develop ideas and seize the opportunity measurable and a certain level of achievement as well. Therefore thousands of companies established people to develop themselves. The company exists

that survive and succeed, and some are experiencing failure. Some are growing and succeeding because the company is managed by an experienced salesperson and knows what he is doing. The talent of an Entrepreneur will increase and grow thanks to the knowledge, experience, and skills gained from the interaction with the environment.

The shortcomings and weaknesses in Entrepreneurship must be continuously reduced, he continuously works hard, he will try to learn from fellow professions, understand and know the environment that is able to develop himself and recognize his own profession. In each case, the founders of a thirst company succeed, seeking experience and knowledge of entrepreneurship. 

Entrepreneurs should try to recognize the points of weakness, to take positive action. Entrepreneurship requires the freedom to choose and act according to their own perceptions. From the description above, it looks characteristic traits Entrepreneurship, as follows:

a. Fixers
Entrepreneurs have the understanding they want to find and can quickly solve the problem. Entrepreneurs know how to evaluate alternatives in solving problems.

b. Creative thinking
Creative entrepreneurs will make life more fun, more interesting, and will provide a framework and can work with others.

c. Confident to control work
Entrepreneurs are confident to be in control of work. With confidence, he will soon solve problems and be strong in pursuing his business goals.

d. Believing on the basis of MBO
Entrepreneurs can understand complicated situations that include planning, decision making, and the dissemination of business ideas. Entrepreneurs are always aware of important details and will constantly review all possibilities to achieve goals in their business. Entrepreneurs believe management is based on goals or on the principles of MBO (Management by Objectives).

e. Developing Ideas
Entrepreneurs have a need to develop ideas that never end. Entrepreneurs live with activities and possibly find pleasure in developing their ideas.

f. Analyzing opportunities
Entrepreneurs will analyze the opportunities quickly before getting involved. Entrepreneurs will only act after confident that in business or business the risk is small. This is a feature that brings success to Entrepreneurs while others fail.

g. Achievement-oriented
Entrepreneurs prefer the role of muscles and the brain that can directly affect success. Entrepreneurs have the impetus to demonstrate high energy levels, achievement-oriented and relentless in pursuit of goals.

h. Working with long hours
Successful entrepreneurs always work with long hours. Long working hours are not unique to Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs always schedule important meetings in that week, so Entrepreneur has a weekend for his personal life.

In more detail and brief, the characteristics of Entrepreneurial characteristics are as follows:
  1. Spirit and willing to work hard
  2. Understand clearly about goals and achievements.
  3. Diligent, diligent, tenacious, and steadfast for the success of a business or business.
  4. Dislikes procrastinating work.
  5. Believe in yourself in performing the task
  6. Have the motivation to achieve the achievement
  7. Work carefully and carefully to avoid mistakes
  8. Able to utilize the task effectively, efficiently, and creatively
  9. Willed to complete the task
  10. Trying to get things done.
Entrepreneurship can be regarded as a pioneer, leader and human being who is independent and has a certain ability. An Entrepreneur is able to direct, control, and oversee its business activities carefully and wisely to gain success in business or business.

2. The nature and characteristics of Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is essentially an act of creating new ideas in business. Entrepreneurs as owners and managers of a business or business entity, need to have the ability to manage their business.

The entrepreneur must be able to master the basic principles of management science and apply these principles in managing business or business. The characteristics of a successful Entrepreneur in his business must have the following characteristics:
  1. The entrepreneur must piety to God Almighty
  2. Entrepreneurs are able to work hard and discipline
  3. Entrepreneurs are willing to distribute their business owners to their trusted people.
  4. Entrepreneurship does not always give priority to his wealth
  5. The entrepreneur is responsible for the fate and goals to be achieved in business.
  6. The entrepreneur has a vision of his desire for his personal and business future.
  7. Entrepreneurial, attentive and responsible in running his business.
  8. Entrepreneurs do not want to give up faced with a difficult obstacle to be overcome.
  9. Entrepreneurs are very concerned about the critical factors in detail
  10. The entrepreneur is not a slow worker.
  11. Entrepreneurs make decisions quickly with full calculation and level of risk
  12. Entrepreneurship is very serious in carrying out its business
  13. Entrepreneurs love their business work and love the products they produce
  14. Entrepreneurs will immediately follow up every decision made.
Entrepreneurs who have personality are often successful in running their business. An entrepreneur who is physically unconvincing, usually unattractive. But after he speaks, it feels saved a special attraction.

According to Zimmerer, the characteristics of successful Entrepreneurs are as follows:
  1. Have a high commitment to the task
  2. Want to be responsible
  3. There is interest in entrepreneurship on him
  4. There is an opportunity to reach an obsession
  5. Tolerance faces the risk of hesitation
  6. Sure of his
  7. Creative and flexible
  8. Want to get back up soon
  9. Very energetic
  10. Motivation to be superior
  11. Oriented to the future
  12. Want to learn from failure
  13. High-ability to lead.
The characteristics of the entrepreneur will be seen and evolved through the knowledge, experience, and skills gained from the interaction with the environment. Entrepreneurial Characteristics that need to be developed, including:
  1. Bertaqwa To God Almighty
  2. Want to work hard
  3. Want to discipline and develop disciplined
  4. Nature and character of personality
  5. Honesty and responsibility
  6. Strong belief
  7. Physical endurance and mental attitude
  8. Strong-willed
  9. Patience and fortitude
  10. Leibenstein explained that entrepreneurs who have characteristics are:
  11. Capable of holding big opportunities.
  12. Able to fix market weaknesses.
From the above material explanation, it can be concluded that a successful Entrepreneur is one of the keys is must have the nuance of good characteristic, positive, interesting and sympathetic. Desire is willing to work hard and there is a measurable achievement that clearly shows a success.

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