How to Write Blog Posting SEO to Get Indexed and Get Top Ranking in Google.

Posted by Imam Larh on Thursday, 15 March 2018

How to Write Blog Posting SEO to Get Indexed and Get Top Ranking in Google.

BEHIND in the top of page one Google becomes the dream of every blogger. That's where visitors come to our blog.
If the blog post does not appear on the front page of Google, it is unlikely that our blog gets many visitors.

Here's a refresher on how to write SEO posts and Quality Content to get top rankings on Google and other search engines. These tips are Weaccounting sadur from Daily Blog Tips.

How to Write an SEO Blog Post

All bloggers want their blog posts to be found or visible on Google. That's normal. You do not have to be an SEO expert to write consistently ranked blog posts consistently on page one of Google.

Here are some tips on how to write a good blog post so easily indexed Google and is on page one as well as bring visitors - increase the number of readers.

1. Use Long Tail Keywords

If you have some experience with SEO, you may be familiar with keywords consisting of two-three words (long-tail keywords).

Blog Posting SEO is an example of "long-tailed keywords". One-word keywords are dominated by reputable sites, large websites, which are hard to compete with bloggers.

2. Include Link to Influencer

Include external links, links to reputable websites. Do not hesitate to include links - for example-- Wikipedia, seconds, compass, CNN, or reputable and trusted websites.

The external links not only give your audience more material to read but also show that there is some actual research involved. Nothing builds credibility as a trusted source.

3. Use Internal Link

Internal links also play a role in how the position of blog posts. Internal links facilitate the crawling process and allow Google bots to create sitemaps. This will help rank your blog posts.

4. Write longer and scannable posts (scannable)

Long posts become the latest SEO techniques. Long posts, at least 800 characters, will make writing complete, detailed, and more chances to "play keywords" so it's easily indexed by Google.

Not just at length, but every word or phrase must be meaningful.

Do not forget too, your writing should be easily scanned (scannable) so easy to read. Many bloggers - especially beginners - ignore this basic online writing principle.

Characteristics of Easy Post Scannable (Scannable Text)

Easy-to-scan blog posts, such as the results of the NN Group study, have the following characteristics:
  1. Use Left Align (Align Left).
  2. Use Short paragraphs. One paragraph up to five lines.
  3. Use the Inter-paragraph Distance.
  4. Use Highlights, such as Subtitle, List, Quoted

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