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1) Activities of tourism results
It's activities in the business of collecting tourism products, tour packages, introducing tourist areas, and typical of certain areas and Indonesia. It is not impossible if then Entrepreneurial activities as international tourism import-export.

2) Agricultural activities
It's activities in the collection of agricultural / plantation/forestry products, agricultural products, forest products, and plantation products. It is not impossible to develop Entrepreneurial activities as an export-import of agribusiness with international standard in agriculture.

3) Activities of people's crafts
This activity is targeted at the field of activities that are peculiar to certain areas that affect community activities. The activities can start as a pincer trader starting from the vegetables, regional specialties, continuing with the opening of kiosks in tourist destinations, then ending as export-import souvenirs to foreign countries.

4) Activity of industry

Its activities centered on consumer goods producing a variety of industries such as food and beverages in cans, cosmetics, medicines, and so on.

5) The activity of machinery industry

The form of activities rests on the field of industrial machinery and metal products, as well as equipment, such as agricultural equipment, workshops, office equipment, automotive and so on.

5). Activity result of building

Its activities are based on building products and mapping surveys, as well as building equipment, such as wood cutting tools, locking equipment, workshops, drawing desks and computers with Autocad programs and so on.

3. Present the note results

In general, we do not always remember the action activities in the observation of entrepreneurial business activities.

Knowledge records Entrepreneurial activities, is very useful in helping to know the results of the results that have been achieved. Recording the results of Entrepreneurial activities is an expression of feelings and abilities assisted by the mind to be conveyed to others. Formulate problems beneficial for development

collecting records, interpreting data, and drawing conclusions. At the time of presenting the results of appreciation of Entrepreneurial activities in the discussion, it is expected the discussion groups to make notes as a response material.

Presentation of results of appreciation of Entrepreneurial activities in general, related to:
  1. Hard work patterns of entrepreneurs
  2. The positive mindset in entrepreneurship;
  3. Willingness to advance in entrepreneurship;
  4. Tenacity in entrepreneurship;
  5. Struggle in entrepreneurship;
  6. Honesty in entrepreneurship;
  7. Confidence in science and spirituality in entrepreneurship;
  8. Discipline in entrepreneurship.
Recording Entrepreneurial activities is an expression of feelings and abilities that are assisted by mind and skill to be conveyed to others. From the presentation of appreciation of Entrepreneurial activities, the discussion group will be:
  1. Understanding the meaning of struggle and entrepreneurial traits
  2. Understanding the importance of Entrepreneurship in advancing personal, family, nation and state life;
  3. Know the fields and types of Entrepreneurs;
  4. Know the strategic steps of entrepreneurs.
Presentation of records of Entrepreneurial activities conducted must be organized, well prepared, interesting, and flexible. From the results of appreciation of Entrepreneurial activities, can be presented that factors which support its success are as follows:
  1. Entrepreneurship, working with sincerity
  2. Entrepreneurship, working with confidence.
  3. Entrepreneurship, work with full perseverance and determined determination.
  4. Entrepreneurship works by running the mindset with positive ideas
  5. Entrepreneurship, its work is based on:
  • Professional and self-competence
  • Ability alone
  • Talents possessed
  • Experience alone
  • Full of sincerity in trying
  • Entrepreneurship, work with passion, excitement, and fortitude.
  • Entrepreneurship, its work is not affected by other work
  1. The success of the Entrepreneur depends on his willingness to take responsibility for his work.
  2. Entrepreneurship tends to be easily saturated with all the stability of life, to then experimented with new innovations.
  3. Entrepreneurs tend not to feel complacent always want to go ahead and develop
4. Discuss the results of Entrepreneurial activity records
Raymond, W.Y. Kao (1995) mentions entrepreneurship as a process of creating something new (new creations) and making something different from an existing one (innovation). The goal is the achievement of individual welfare and added value for the community. 

while Entrepreneur refers to people who carry out the process of creating wealth or wealth and added value through hatching ideas and integrate the idea into reality. Entrepreneurship seal trying to develop ideas and create opportunities activities. For that Entrepreneurial activity has long known and do strategic planning for the company. 

The need for entrepreneurship is increasing due to the emergence of problems such as:
  1. Fewer employees are smart and have brilliant ideas from an organization because they prefer to become an Entrepreneur.
  2. Distrust of traditional methods in the management of an organization.
  3. The more and growing competitors each have the advantage.
Similarly, an Entrepreneur has a role to melt new combinations, which are a combination of:
  • Introduction of new technology
  • Introduction of new goods and services
  • New production methods
  • New industry organizations
  • Source of new raw materials
  • New markets.
All records of Entrepreneurial activities need to be discussed, either through groups or plenary. If so, what is the discussion? The discussion is a group communication in the form of exchange of information or opinions about a problem or problem with the intention of obtaining more complete information and can be developed further. 

The discussion is derived from English discuss which means talking, negotiating. According to the Indonesian dictionary, a discussion is a negotiation to exchange ideas about a problem. The importance of the discussion is as follows:
  1. Discuss an entrepreneurial business problem
  2. Meeting between a number of people
  3. It concerns the common interest or the public interest
  4. Gathered to achieve specific goals.
In the discussion of the results of the records of Entrepreneurial activities, should be directed to discuss or discuss the problem through the collection of opinions of the participants, presented into an objective mutual opinion; in the context of the discussion group it is expected that:
  1. Discipline, orderliness, and well-organized attitude;
  2. Mutual contributions and arguments;
  3. Mutual respect and respect for the opinions of others;
  4. Communicating and oriented;
  5. The willingness to sacrifice and share experiences with each other;
  6. Have a positive nature
At the time of the discussion, each group must formulate the results in written form. While at the time of the presentation of the results of group discussions, other groups are expected to follow carefully and make records of observations. As for the implementation of the discussion of the results of the assignment record, can be described as follows:
  1. a. The group discussions discuss each entrepreneurial activity, both in class and outside the classroom, to compile reports that will be reported further in class discussions.
  2. b. Hold group discussions, to develop the learning outcomes and activities that participants have conducted, both in library studies and in audio-visual studios.
  3. c. Class or plenary discussions to present and discuss group work reports. Class discussion can be done to discuss each group learning outcomes.
The participants of the discussion, in turn, each group presents a report on the appreciation of Entrepreneurial activities. While other groups tried to refute, criticize, argue, give suggestions, etc. Presentation groups seek to maintain the report's text and accept criticism that has been raised from other discussion groups.
  1. Entrepreneurs are highly action-oriented and motivated individuals who take risks in pursuit of goals
  2. The entrepreneur is a skipper who must be able to drive the ark of his business in the midst of storms and waves of fierce competition in business.
c. Summary
Basically, ideas and opportunities can grow anywhere, anytime by anyone. The more ideas that emerge the more creative humans grab opportunities. The more opportunities seize the more people develop success. 

Generally speaking, ideas and opportunities are developed among entrepreneurs. If they become entrepreneurs then it will be people who have the potential to excel. They will always have a high motivation to advance in entrepreneurship. Under any circumstances, if

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