Role of Education in Developing Personality

Posted by Imam Larh on Saturday, 3 March 2018

An entrepreneurial person needs a strong personality to advance his life. The need is endeavored to be fulfilled by education. Starting from the limitation of the meaning of education, the task of education is to prepare individuals to be responsibly able to obtain the welfare of life, by completing the personality of these individuals with the guidance of all aspects of personality. Therefore, education helps individuals to foster the morals, character, intellect, and skills of the individual so that eventually able to stand on their own. 

Life-long education conception demands participation from various parties, not just schools. Schools serve each individual within a limited time and scope of education with limited learning ability as well.
Under this national provision, the policy of our country establishes the following principles:
  • The development of the nation and the national character of Indonesia begins with the development of the whole Indonesian human subject as the embodiment of the man. This ideal type of personality becomes the ideals of nation-building and the character of the nation becomes the responsibility of all state institutions, even the responsibility of society and all citizens to make it happen.
  • Development of the Indonesian people in their entirety, in particular, the responsibility of national educational institutions and business whose realization is carried out through educational institutions, both public and private. Therefore, the conception of a fully Indonesian human being is a basic conception rather than a national educational goal.
> Entrepreneurship Education Improves the Quality of Personality
High quality human beings. a developed nation has an entrepreneurial spirit, both to entrepreneurs, their leaders, and every member of the working-age community. As a free and developing nation, it can no longer be justified if the leaders and their people simply let go of mental oppression among themselves.

For that purpose, all human resources should be explored, studied and developed so as to manifest the expected human qualities. Entrepreneurship education strives to answer this challenge to make people not only able to find work, but to develop human resources capable of creating jobs for themselves, or even able to provide jobs for others. 

This is the human resources embodied in the entrepreneurial moral values, the entrepreneurial mental attitude, the entrepreneurial environment sensitivity and the skills of entrepreneurial deeds, all need to be explored and developed to create high quality human beings. It is expected that with entrepreneurship education there will be no extortion of diligent people by those who are still seized by a lazy mental attitude.

It is also hoped that the number of people willing to become a respectable audience will be touched by the many other people who have been vying to rise to utilize their time and personal strength in their efforts to advance their lives. 

We can not continue to rely on existing formal education services to develop high-quality human beings because the reach and capacity of formal education are limited to a limited number of people, over time and within the scope of specific teaching. 

For that need to provide education to equip the human person so that human beings are able to develop their quality. The right education for that is entrepreneurship education. With entrepreneurship education, then we no longer just want to exert the power of human reason, but more than that can mobilize human mental energy

> Educators' Attitudes and Views that Inhibit the Emergence of Entrepreneurial Man
Here are some kinds of attitudes/views while educators who are less support the business of human entrepreneurial manifestation in our schools. First, the presence of educators who look so low on the meaning of education. 

Although there are many experts and educational administrators who deeply understand the meaning and meaning of education, in practice, there are still many of them who give meaning and dosage of education content is too low. What is the proof? The provision of low-quality educational content is reflected in the fact that the graduates from elementary school to university are still overwhelmed by the pattern of job-searching. 

This gives the impression that our educational experts organize and fill the education with a curriculum for job search. Secondly, in the practice of many educators who see that the main source of education is the things that exist outside of the students, such as teachers, books, and society. Consequently what can be gained by students is the culture of the teacher or community.

While the community itself needs improvement from education. Society needs entrepreneurial cadres who can improve and promote people's lives. Educators forget the most potential source of education, the potential of the students themselves. If educators are aware of the importance of students as subjects who have to develop themselves, then they will give educational services with the emphasis on learning. 

The task of educators is to create situations in such a way that students can learn. Educators should make it possible for students to learn to run the process of active activities, both pisis, and mental. Students should be able to learn to climb the ladder of work that includes:
  1. Create your own busyness to gain achievement or profit.
  2. Work together to increase the busyness to gain greater benefits.
  3. Serving and laboring to others to earn rewards.
  4. Seek additional work to enrich income.
  5. Make a contribution to advance the environment.
  6. Create busyness or employment for others.
To achieve the above as well as require an effective method of service, also more important is to equip the students with the education of character and personality. Third, there is a pessimistic attitude from educators while changing the mental attitude of students. They doubt that education will not be able to change or develop one's character. 

Those who act thus are still suffering from a lethargy illness of the soul to explore the real problem. Imagine, while intellectual education will experience obstacles if not preceded by the education of character in the form of self-consciousness to think creatively and do constructively.

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