This Camera Still Works even 2 Years Sink in the Sea

Posted by Imam Larh on Friday, 30 March 2018

This Camera Still Works even 2 Years Sink in the Sea

TAIPEI, iNews - A photo camera lost after drowning at sea, was discovered 2 years later in Taiwan. Amazingly, though already submerged in seawater and filled with shells, the camera is still functioning. Not only that, the data images in it can still be saved.

It is estimated, the camera can survive because it is installed casing antiair. Seawater cannot enter or damage the inside components, although submerged for more than 2 years.

The camera was found by a student who was traveling on the coast of Taiwan. The school teacher then tracks the whereabouts of the owner through Facebook. It turns out the owner is a Japanese woman.

"I can not believe this," so the owner's first impression, Serina Tsubakihara when asked for comments by the BBC.

"I was very surprised when my friends uploaded photos taken using the camera," he said, adding.

The student lost her camera while traveling in Ishigaki, Okinawa, in September 2015, about 250 kilometers east of Taiwan. He used the camera while diving to photograph the underwater conditions.

"I was diving and losing my camera when a friend ran out of oxygen so I had to help him," Serina said.

At that time he thought he would never rediscover his camera. But unexpectedly, it turns out the camera was washed hundreds of kilometers and stranded on the coast of Taiwan.

"An 11-years-old student who found it," said the teacher, Park Lee.

When found, the camera casing is filled with shells. "We think this is already broken, but after seeing there is a button to open the casing," Lee said.

He was surprised because the inside of the camera was untouched by water. "Surprisingly, when the child turned on the camera, it still works," he said.

Finally, they decided to return the camera and track the whereabouts of the owner. From the photos stored on the camera, they know the owner is a Japanese woman. Then they uploaded the photos on the camera by including a message in that Taiwan and Japan. Hopefully, some respond to the message.

Apparently did not take long, after the 10,000-share share, Serina immediately respond. The plan, Serina will go to Taiwan in June to take the camera.

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