Twin Brothers Meet Again After Separate 36 Years

Posted by Imam Larh on Friday, 16 March 2018

HANGZHOU - Two female twin brothers in China cannot hide their emotions. Why not, since their teens, they have separated because of adopted by different parents. They were reunited 36 years later.

Police in Hangzhou City, Xhejian Province, named Zhao Hangen was instrumental in bringing together women named Wang Hui and Wu Li. reported that the story began when Zhao served at the bus station on Sunday 11 March. He meets with Wang who also works in the terminal. Wang met Zhao and told him about his past.

To Zhao, Wang said he got information born in identical twin conditions. Since the parents had no money to raise him, Wang was adopted by another family when he was 16 days old, as did his brother. Until then, he had never met his brother.

Wang believes his brother is also in Hangzhou. The reason is someone told Wang that she saw a woman who was very similar to her in the same city a few days earlier.

Wang also asked Zhao for help. As a police officer, he is expected to help track him down. Zhao also helped trace through the Hangzhou City population database.

"The two siblings must have been born on the same date, so I just have to check out pictures of women born on the same date and face like Wang," Zhao said.

The problem is, there are 280 women born in the same city as Wang. He had to check them one by one and then match his photo. But his efforts paid off.

It did not take long for Zhao to look for him, a few days after that he gave surprise to Wang by bringing Wu Li with him.

Wu actually also knows he was born as a twin but did not know how to find his brother. He lives in downtown Hongzhou about 32 kilometers from Wang's home.

After this Wang and Wu will find their parents.


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