Zoo Gorilla Zoo keeper in Tokyo

Posted by Imam Larh on Thursday, 22 March 2018

Zoo Gorilla Zoo keeper in Tokyo

TOKYO - A zookeeper at Tokyo's Ueno Zoology Park, bitten by a gorilla while working. He suffered bite wounds in his right arm and in some other body parts.

Reported by Japan Today, Wednesday (21/3/2018), when the incident, the zoo officials are guiding gorillas from the exhibition hall to the cage. Then the gorillas suddenly attacked the officer.

The zoo reported the incident to the police at around 16:50 pm local time. The victim was immediately rushed to the hospital and received first aid.

Currently, the zoo is still investigating how the officers and animals are in contact.

The reason, according to the zoo, usually does not allow for humans and other animals are near the gorilla. Officers and animals at the zoo are also not allowed to have a physical kobtak at close range.


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