Japanese man brackets his son in a cage for 20 years

Posted by Imam Larh on Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Japanese man brackets his son in a cage for 20 years

SANDA - Japanese police arrested a man named Yoshitane Yamasaki for imprisoning his son in a wooden enclosure for 20 years. This is done because the man who is now 42 years old experienced psychiatric disorders and often act rough.

The 73-year-old man 'imprisoned' his son in a cage made of 1 meter (m) of wood with a width of less than 2 m. The wooden enclosure is placed by Yoshitane in a cottage near his home in Sanda City.

Reporting from the BBC on Sunday (8/4/2018), the small size of the prison causing the back of the unknown man was the hunchback. He is now successfully secured by the relevant authorities in order to get treatment,

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According to local media reports, the young man has been in a treatment facility in western Japan since January.

The case was revealed after a town official visited the Yamasaki family home in January. The official finally saw the cage where the 42-year-old man lived. Investigators believe Yoshitane has confined his son since the 16-year-old and began to show strange behavior.

Yoshitane Yamasaki was immediately arrested by the police. However, he was only detained for 36 hours and immediately released on 18 January. He did not at all deny the charge of confining his son intentionally.

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Yamasaki senior also admitted that he deliberately locked his son in a wooden cage. Nevertheless, she always takes care of her child by feeding her every day. The 42-year-old man was also allowed to shower every two days by the father.

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