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Posted by Imam Larh on Sunday, 22 April 2018

Weaccounting - What is marketing? 

The market is one of many systems, institutions, procedures, with social and infrastructure relationships of a business selling goods, services, and labor by unbundling with money instead of services.

Goods and services are sold using valid payment instruments such as banknotes and coins. This activity is a part of economics. This is a system that allows buyers and sellers to sell or buy an item or service.

In the market there is also competition, competition is very important in the market, and separates the market from trading. In trading not just one person but can be two or 3 people can even more, but it takes at least three people to have a market, so there is competition on at least one of two sides.

The market varies considerably in the type of size, range, location and variety of a community or association of people, and the type or size of goods and services that will be sold or exchanged to buyers.

Some examples include local farmers' markets held in town squares or parking lots, shopping centers, international currencies and commodity markets, laws creating markets such as pollution permits, and illegal markets such as the market for illegal drugs.

In economics, the market is a structure where possible buyers and sellers to exchange goods or services and information. The exchange of a good or service to obtain a value or money is called a transaction. The market consists of all good buyers and sellers that affect the price of a good or service.

This is the influence of a major teaching in economics and has also given birth to / Creating or publishing some of theories or explanations and models about the fundamental forces of a market in a system of supply and demand in commerce.

There are two roles within a market, between buyers and sellers. The market facilitates trade and enables the distribution and allocation of resources within the community.

The market is very open in selling goods or services traded to be evaluated and determine the price tariff of the goods or services.

A good market or also not good enough and deliberately built by humans to make an exchange of rights to a service/goods and an information that is done.

And of course the market also has a function in the place of trade in goods or services, the following is the function of a market:

1. Distribution Function

In distribution activities, the market functions in inviting or finding a distance approach between consumers and producers in executing a transaction or exchange of goods or a service.

In a distribution function, the market is very important in the role of channeling / Connecting or connecting goods and services from producers to consumers. With this distribution system, then in doing the distribution of goods or a service will be easier and better.

2. The Function of Price Formation

When going to buy a good or service must have a price or value to the coals or services, then, in this case, the Market serves as a market price, which is the price agreement between the seller and the buyer.

3. Promotion Function

Before that, if you do not know about the promotion, please read this article Understanding promotion in the Trade.

The market is the most appropriate means of promotion. Implementation of promotion can be done by installing banners, distributing brochures, distributing samples, through social media, TV, and much more to do promotions.

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