10 Product Marketing Strategies

Posted by Imam Larh on Thursday, 3 May 2018

10 Product Marketing Strategies
10 Product Marketing Strategies
10 Product Marketing Strategies - Maintaining good relationships by watching and serving customers is the key to successful marketing. 

Just imagine when there are customers who want to ask about the product, but instead ignored by the shopkeeper or company management? certainly, with or without warning consumers will turn right.

Consider the consumer as a good business partner will make consumers feel emotionally close so as not to close the possibility of consumers will be loyal to our products.

The following will be reviewed about good product marketing techniques with the aim of the company can get the optimal benefits.

Product Marketing Strategy

1. Determine Customers Needs and Desires

To find out the needs of consumers should be done marketing research first is to make observations and collection of simple information about what products and services needed, when the product/service is needed, anyone who needs the product and how many, how to survey or spread the questionnaire to the community.

2. Choose a Target Market

There are three types of specific target markets:

Individual markets are markets that provide services to meet individual needs. This type of market is perfect for small and medium-sized companies.

Special markets are markets that provide services to certain consumers, eg farmers, employees, traders and so on. This special market type is perfect for small business types.

A segmented market is a market that provides specific customer-class services, such as high-income, middle-income, and low-income customers. Consumers are also grouped by geography (village, city), demographics (age, gender, income, level of education) and class / social level, lifestyle and behavioral factors.

3. Set Market Position

After determining market segmentation, the next step is to determine the position that the segment wants to occupy. Setting a market position is to define the product in a clearer place, and have the characteristics (excellence) so as to generate desire for the product in the mind of the consumer than other similar products.

4. Stipulation of Sales Strategy in Competition

Companies should be prepared to do the marketing mix as a strategy in corporate management. The marketing mix is a combination of product offerings, pricing, promotional methods, and distribution systems to reach specific consumer groups.

5. Determine the Best Sales Strategy

Choosing a strategy by placing these four mixes of marketing, product, price, promotion, and distribution.

Sales Program Stages

To do the sales program should be done stages as follows:

1. Preparation Before Selling

At this stage, the activity is to provide the sales force with the definition of products to be sold, the market to go, and sales techniques.

2. Determination of Potential Buyer Locations

At this stage, the activity is to determine the target market segment. At this stage, we can arrange a list of potential buyers and even potential buyers.

3. Preliminary Approach

The following must be done before making a sale that we must know the criteria of prospective buyers. Some information needs to be collected like the likes or preferences of consumers or what products are being used and how they react, which is a preliminary approach to the market.

4. Doing Sales

A preliminary approach is done to build an emotional connection to the consumer and influence them to achieve the ultimate goal of purchasing.

5. After Sales Service (after sales)

Good business deals do not just end when buyers buy our products, on some durable products (television, motor vehicles, other electronic goods), after purchase, the company/producer must provide after-sales service. After sales service is a service provided after purchase such as warranty, free service promo, consultation etc.

Hopefully, article 10 Product Marketing Strategy above can give solution for your marketing, and thank you very much for visit.

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