Objectives and Functions of Marketing Strategy Brief and Clear

Posted by Imam Larh on Thursday, 3 May 2018

Marketing Strategy Objectives - Weaccounting - Like the game of football, marketing requires a mature strategy, testing team cohesiveness, led by a coach (manager) so that marketing can speed and can achieve goals (goals) company.

Definition of Marketing Strategy

In a simple way Marketing strategy (marketing strategy) is the process to direct and create certain product standards in people's lives. An example is the emergence of Apple products ie iPhone then become the new standard for the premium-class smartphone.

Marketing Strategy Objectives

Marketing strategy has goals including:
  1. Improved quality of coordination within the marketing team.
  2. Measuring the results of marketing based on applicable standards of achievement.
  3. Provide a logical basis for any decision-making.
  4. Able to improve the ability to adapt if there are changes in marketing.
Function Marketing Strategy

Increase motivation to think far ahead
Marketing strategy forces the company management to think out of the box, this way is strongly recommended to maintain the rhythm or the continuity of the company. Try not to keep up with the rhythm of the market, but occasionally try to hit the market with something new.

More effective and targeted marketing coordination
Marketing strategy serves to set the direction and the way the company so that will make the coordination team be much better and directed.

Can formulate goals/goals company to be achieved
With a marketing strategy, entrepreneurs can be helpful to detail the goals the company wants to achieve. Both long-term and short-term goals.

Supervision of marketing activities more effectively on standards of work performance
Supervision activities of team members are more on note in order to improve quality and quality more assured.

That was a discussion of the Purpose and Function of Marketing Strategy. Hopefully enough to help you to improve the quality and performance of the company.

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