Success in Adsense - 5 Quick Tips

Posted by Imam Larh on Thursday, 24 May 2018

Success in Adsense - 5 Quick Tips
Success in Adsense - 5 Quick Tips
WEAccounting - When you use Google AdSense for more time you start learning from mistakes in the past, and you slowly begin to realize what your actions are what make your site reach its full potential.

But the important part of making a mistake is to tell people about it and teach them how to avoid the same mistake. So this is a list of five major mistakes that people use using AdSense.

You should read it well, and see if anything applies to your content. If so, you should stop and attempt to correct the error as soon as possible.

The first major no-no that everyone seems to hit at one point or another should be done by breaking the rules. Google AdSense is a great program but it depends on you respecting some of the rules set.

The most important thing is not to make "artificial clicks" in any way possible. Never click on your own links, never ask your friends or close friends to click links and never, in any way your content encourages visitors to click links. You risk being banned permanently, and it will definitely ruin your income.

Failure to comply with Google's terms may prevent your AdSense account from being suspended. And this is why this rule is the most important of all. That's because this is the difference between life and death.

The second thing that makes the user wrong a lot of the time is having a bad color palette for the ad. Many times this happens because the publisher is not large enough to change the default color palette.

Other people do not seem to be spending enough time in changing that standard. Having prominent bad ads will definitely push people away from clicking; while having something clearly visible but will be different.

Third, of course, ad position is probably the key element that you need to finish if you want to maximize your profits with AdSense. It is recorded in many places on the web and Google also talks about it. Google can provide you with statistics that illustrate what positions work best on your website.

Fourth, banner advertising is also a very bad idea if you use AdSense. A 480x60 type of ad is a sure way to push many people away because most Internet surfers have developed a natural endurance to such means of advertising.

And the last, but the least obvious is not taking care of the sites that run the ads. Because ultimately no matter how cool the site itself. If you do not have updated content and lots of visitors every day, it will probably never give you serious AdSense revenue.

So these are the five most important things that people go wrong when using the AdSense program. But of course, if you do not like this way to reveal the problem, here are the top five things you should do to ensure your AdSense ads are continually bringing in that revenue.

Never violate Google policies. Do not make visitors create "artificial clicks" on your website regardless of who did it or why. Make sure your ad has the right colors that blend into your site and make sure your ad is positioned in the right place to attract as many customers as possible. Always try to avoid using banners (480x60) unless you really know what you're doing and always keep your site fresh and up to date.

So with that in mind, you should increase your AdSense earnings in no time.

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