How to Manage Finance for Easy School Children

Posted by Imam Larh on Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Weaccounting - Human needs in economics can be said to be unlimited. All wishes are eager to be realized easily. This condition will certainly not be realized without good financial arrangements.

The reason, by managing finances one can prioritize between primary, secondary, and tertiary needs. That is why this article will share tips on managing finances for children, especially schools (students).

How to Manage Finance for Easy School Children
How to Manage Finance for Easy School Children
Managing Finance

Managing finance can be said to be easy, provided that there are commitments that are committed within and able to be carried out within a certain period of time will be a major influence in the succession of financial arrangements. Here are the initial tips for anyone who wants to manage finances well.

How to Manage Finance

As for some tips on financial arrangements, this can be done by students. Good at high school, junior high school, or elementary and student level. All of them can implement, with simple steps as follows;

Make a Financial Plan

Writing about financial plans is one of the priorities that must be done for students, in order to maximize income and expenses well.

This plan can be run in the long and short term. But from all of that it is better to make both of them, the reason for this is that each person will focus on the desired goals.

1. Control of Unimportant Expenditures

The second step in managing good finance for a student is to control the expenses that are considered unimportant. Sometimes this phenomenon is quite interesting and difficult to avoid when in a mall, gathering with friends, or others.

Therefore, as the most classic advice that is often done by many people is to avoid places that make you tempted to buy things that are not useful, such as HP accessories, expensive clothes, or buy a girlfriend who is not necessarily a wife,

2. Appreciate the Smallest Money

The next tip in the process of managing finances for students is to appreciate the smallest money, this step can be carried out for example by not throwing out coins like 100, 500, or 1000s. To anticipate it, the thing to do is to deviate it in used milk cans, or other places that can hold the money.

3. Make a Savings Account

In an effort to do good financial management, it would be nice if a student made his own passbook with no parents' consent. The reason is that one day parents will be proud of your commitment to saving so that as a parent you will definitely give more money in the future.

4. Look for Additional Income

Another step, which can be implemented in an effort to manage finances is to seek additional income. At this time business opportunities for schoolchildren that can be run, for example, for trivial along if you have a motorbike can participate in the online motorcycle taxi community. You can also become a clothes reseller and others.

5. Discipline

After the regulatory process in the financial plan is carried out, it will not succeed without the commitment to do what has been drawn up. Therefore, as an illustration, try to discipline yourself.

In fact, simple steps that can be done for example when not doing the planned action you must punish yourself, this punishment is certainly done in a pre-incentive way not to hurt yourself. Examples of this preventive punishment, for example, by not snacking all day, by not having lunch or other actions.

Thus for articles about how to manage finance for school children, hopefully, this article is useful for everyone.

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