Task and Authority of Personnel Manager

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Weaccounting - This time I will share the Personnel Manager's Duties and Authorities in a company you can read it to the end so that it is easy to understand.

Task and Authority of Personnel Manager
Task and Authority of Personnel Manager
Manpower procurement

The main task of the personnel manager is to obtain the personnel needed to complete the organization's objectives with the right type and amount. This effort is related to the method of recruitment, selection, and placement with the aim of being able to get the human resources needed. Determination of human resources must be in accordance with the work design that has been prepared in advance.


In this field, the task of the personnel manager is to develop the skills or skills of employees by holding training that is necessary for proper work performance. This activity is very important because the process of technological change is very fast (read: update), work reorganization, management tasks are increasingly complicated.


This function is formulated as adequate and reasonable remuneration for personnel for their contribution to organizational goals


The next task of the personnel manager is to produce a match (reconciliation) that is appropriate and appropriate for the interests of individuals (individuals), society and organizations.


Maintenance is an effort to maintain the integrity of the workforce that has the ability and ability to work. The ability and willingness to work for employees is strongly influenced by factors such as manager's communication with employees, health and work safety, physical (physical) condition of employees.

Work termination

The first function of personnel management is to get competent employees. The last function of the personnel manager is to terminate the employment relationship and return it to the community. An organization is responsible when carrying out the process of termination of employment in accordance with predetermined requirements. The organization must also guarantee that the people who become ex-employees are returned to their best condition.

Quality of Personnel

Before the manager appoints employees, it should be prepared first, namely the staffing standard to test the applicants. This standard is expected to produce a minimum quality that is acceptable in order to be able to carry out job duties and responsibilities so that human capabilities can be chosen to be able to carry it out.

According to the Dictionary of Occupational Titles, one part of organizing is the preparation of work. This study is often also called "job analysis" which means determining the needs of human labor. The following is a term that is often misinterpreted by someone.

1. Position

The position is a collection of tasks assigned to someone in the company. Usually, there are the same amount of positions between positions and number of employees.

2. Job

Work is a group of positions that have the same type and level of work. In some cases, it is possible that only one position is covered, because there are no other equal positions.

3. Occupation

The position is a work category found in many organizations/companies. A person, both employee / non-employee, always has a position and job but does not have to have an occupation because the type of work is not generally found in an industry/organization.

Job Analysis Function

The functions of work analysis include the following:

Validation of the appointment procedures. Validation is done and formulated to test the selection criteria to determine whether these things are related to the behavior group of the job.
  1. Training. Contains descriptions of tasks and supporting equipment used to develop the contents of training programs.
  2. Job evaluation. Contains job descriptions as well as details of the required labor requirements evaluated for their usefulness.
  3. Performance evaluation. Contains an employee's assessment of its characteristics such as initiative and dependency. This is done to find out whether or not the employee's target is achieved.
  4. Career development. Job information will make it easier for companies to plan promotional channels about opportunities and requirements for working in the organization to employees.
  5. Induction. Containing ease in new trainees, job descriptions will help in the orientation period.
  6. Counseling. Counseling about employment information should be provided at the secondary school level because most graduates are not aware of the type of work available.
  7. Hunting relations (labor relations). If an employee adds or subtracts the tasks listed, then this standard has been violated and sanctions will be given. 
  8. Reengineering work. If it turns out there is a job for a special group, for example, a disabled person, then usually a manager will change the contents of a particular job. A job analysis will provide information so that it will be easy to change jobs to be filled by personnel with special characteristics (read: with special needs).
That was the explanation of the Task of the Personnel Manager in the Company and its Functions. Hopefully it's useful to add to our insight. Thank you so much for your visit.

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