A large hole appeared suddenly in Roma

Posted by Imam Larh on Thursday, 15 February 2018

A giant gaping hole suddenly appeared in the middle of an existing building in the District of Balduina, Rome, Italy. Some cars get into this hole and a number of residents had to be evacuated to a safe place.

As reported by CNN, Friday (16/2/2018), holes began to appear in the region Via Livio Andronico, district of Balduina, Rome on Wednesday (14/2) afternoon at around 06.00 PM local time. A team of firefighters Italy got the report and immediately rushed to the location.

Gaping holes that appear in the area that became the location of the highway also public buildings. Some parts of the building and several cars fell into the hole and then buried in the ground that vanishes.

"Street vanish as deep as 10 meters, dragging the vehicles parked inside," local Fire Department statement.

Reported around 22 families evacuated from buildings surrounding the site. There were no reports of injuries in this incident.

On Thursday (15/2) morning local time, the Department is still conducting security checks and the stability of the soil at the site, with the help of engineers. The incident triggered a safety protocol question of the buildings in the capital city of Rome.

Local Television News, RAI Italy, reported that gaping hole suddenly appeared near a site development projects. Reported a number of building settlements are in the stages of development in the area.

Before the incident occurred, a number of residents complained to the local authorities the question of the cracks that appeared in the streets. Lawyer Giancarlo De Capris who represented the residents refer to complaints and reports of citizens were ignored.

"In the last three months, I filed a report to the Carabinieri (Italy's national police force) and the service of the fire department. All of them were not considered. I gave the sign on cracks in the road surface that is every day becoming increasingly deep and continues skipping the vehicle's weight. This disaster is waiting time, "he said to the local newspaper, La Repubblica.

Spoken by one of the locals to RAI News that the floors of her home vibrated during the last couple of days before the hole appears. Responding to the incident, the Mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, spoke to the news agency ANSA that "the responsible party will pay it."


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