Cash Acceptance procedure

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1. Conditions of acceptance of cash

Cash assets are providing support for the company's operations, where if the cash flow at the company is experiencing interference, then the company's operations would be disrupted. To that end, to consider matters related to the receipt of cash, as terse.
  • Cash Receipts must be supported by evidence which has got authorization from officials of these authorities.
  • All cash received should be deposited to the bank. Not allowed to use the money(Cash) received immediately before a deposited first to the bank.
  • Physical cash storage Functions must be separated from the logging function.
  • Cash receipts transactions recorded in a cash receipt journal book supported by the evidence that has been on the authorization of an authorized per bat and enclosed with the transaction-related documents.
  • Each end of a certain period (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) reports the cash receipt is made.
2. cash acceptance Procedure

Acceptance of cash generally come from a sale of goods with the cash payment and receipt of receivables from debtors. This is done with the goal of keeping easy company doing monitoring and rekonsilliasi each month.
As for the two cash acceptance procedure, namely:

a. cash receipts from the sale Procedure for cash

The procedures are applied depending on the organizational structure of the company. At companies that sell goods in retail, the procedure being applied will be different with a company that does not sell the goods in retail, such as on manufacturing company (factory). Give this admission procedure will be discussed cash from cash sales of companies that don't sell in retail. Parts (Organizational Unit) related admission procedure of cash sales cash is part of a sales order, part warehouse, shipping, gauze, and section journals and reports.
As for activities conducted each piece, among others:

1. the sales order

Part of this sales order is in charge of creating a sales invoice in cash as much as three sheets (Double). Where the use of third such invoices, namely:
  • Sheet to be handed over to the buyer to be bought at the time of gauze goto the payment.
  • Delivered to the warehouse section for prepared goods will be handed over to the buyer by part delivery.
  • Sheets to the three left to in the parts sales.

2. section Kasa
  • Accept payment of the invoice price of the buyer.
  • Enter data the money received in a cash register.
  • Submit an invoice already stamped paid off the cash register tape along to the buyer to be handed over to the shipping section.
  • Making proof of deposit to the bank.

3. Part deliveries.
  • Receive goods together with the invoice sheet 2 of part of the warehouse.
  • Receives the invoice sheet 1 along with the cash register tape from the buyer through gauze.
  • Sends the goods concerned together invoice sheet 2 to panel after invoicing data sheet 1 and sheet 2 match.
  • Submit the invoice sheet 1 that have been attached to a cash register tape to section journals and reports.
4. section journals and reports
  • Receives the invoice sheet 1 along a Ribbon of cash registers of a part delivery.
  • Notes sales invoice in cash in the cash receipt journal.
  • Archiving sales invoice in cash along with a cash register tape.
b. procedure for the receipt of cash from accounts receivable

Accounts receivable the company generally arise from the sale of the goods in the form of a credit sale. In such case, the payment of the debtor is generally done by sending cheque/transfer of funds, so it will be received by the Secretariat. The parts that are related to the transaction acceptance receivables, i.e. the part of the Secretariat, the portion of accounts receivable, part of the gauze, and section journals and reports.
Kegian each section, as follows.

1) section of the Secretariat
  • Received a notification letter together with a check from the debtor, or the credit memo from the bank in the event the debtor payment through a wire transfer of funds.
  • Made it a list of the notice received from the debtor and credit memo that is received from the bank as much as 2 sheets.
(1) Sheet 1 submitted on receivable section enclosed with the letter of notification of the debtor.
(2) Sheet 2 alongside a cheque in question submitted on the gauze.
2) Accounts receivable 

  • Received notice of the receipt of the list of receivables from the Secretariat are attached with the letter of notification of the debtor.
  • Received proof of deposit to the bank from the gauze.
  • Make cash receipt notification letter list based on the data as much as 2 sheets. The second sheet of the is there any receipt function as follows.

(1) 1 Sheet delivered to the debtor as evidence of receipt of payment
(2) Sheet 2 handed on the part of the journal report and attached with a list of the notification letter and proof of deposit to the bank received from the gauze.

  • Record the receipt of cash in accounts receivable associate. 
3) Part of the Gauze
  • List of Acceptance notification letter) as well as from the Secretariat.
  • Make proof of deposit to the bank. This evidence made triple, as follows.
(1) Sheet 1 along with a cheque (Deposit) are submitted to the bank.
(2) Sheet 2 which has been signed by bank officials were handed over to the part of the accounts receivable.
(3) Sheet 3 to archive part of the gauze.

4) Section journals and ledgers

  • Receive cash receipt notification mail list enclosed acceptance receivables. the letter of notification of the debtor and proof of deposit to the bank accounts receivable section.
  • Noted evidence of part of the cash receipts in the cash receipt journal.
  • Filing proof of receipt of cash, a list of the notification letter, and proof of deposit to the bank.

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