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Posted by Imam Larh on Thursday, 15 February 2018

North Korea reported the tanker again violated the sanctions of the United Nations (UN). This offense is referred to as a violation a third time in the last few months.

Report violations of UN sanctions were delivered by the Japan authorities, as reported by CNN, Thursday (15/2/2018). Japan authorities released a number of photographs taken from their spy plane as evidence that sanctions violations.Japan authorities mentioned that the photos showed a North Korea-flagged vessel named Rye Song Gang 1 anchored near a ship on Tuesday (13/2) morning local time. The second ship was detected in waters located 250 kilometers east of Shanghai, China.

Ship Rye Song Gang 1 is one of the eight ships under UN sanctions, prohibited anchored in a port anywhere in the world.

The Ministry of defense and of Foreign Affairs of Japan in a statement said they ' strongly ' suspect that both ships were involved in mobilization activities over the ocean. The resolution of the UN Security Council passed in September 2017 prohibits every Member State of the UNITED NATIONS to facilitate or engage in the activity the transfer of ship-to-ship with each ship North Korea flagged.

Japan does not mention other boats involved in illegal activities by North Korea.

However, the shipping information database developed EU and France authorities call the ship was Belize-flagged and named Wan Heng 11. Although the Belize-flagged ship was owned and managed by a company based in Hong Kong. The owners and managers of the ship are indeed sometimes registered their ships in other regions for the sake of avoiding domestic rules.

"I can confirm that the panel has received a certain amount of information from Japan to question this, but unfortunately I can't comment any further because this becomes the subject of an ongoing investigation," said the Coordinator of the panel of experts to North Korea at the United Nations, Hugh Griffiths.

That comment was delivered when questioned told CNN Griffith reserved photos released by Japan. He is in charge of monitoring and reporting on the implementation of the U.N. sanctions for North Korea.

This is the third moments in recent months when the North Korea-flagged vessel, the Rye Song Gang 1, caught engaging in the activity the transfer of ship-to-ship in the middle of the ocean. Last month, Japan also released a photo of the same ship was doing the transfer of ship-to-ship. The photo was released sometime after the Ministry of finance Japan released a similar photo on October 19, 2017, is also a matter of illegal activity Rye Song Gang 1 in international waters.


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