Understanding Entreoreneurship

Posted by Imam Larh on Saturday, 24 February 2018

The entrepreneur is a free and capable person to live independently in running its business activities or business or life. It is free to design, define manage, controlling all his efforts. While entrepreneurship is an attitude, soul, and ability to create something new that is very valuable and useful for himself and others. 

Entrepreneurship is a mental attitude and soul that is always active or creative powerless, create, move and have an effort in the framework increase revenue in the business of his business or his work. A person who has a soul and entrepreneurial attitude are always dissatisfied with what he has accomplished. From time to time, day after day, week by minggi always looking for opportunities to improve business and his life. He always creates and innovates without stopping, because by creating and innovating all opportunities can be gained. An entrepreneur is a skilled person utilizing opportunities in developing his business with a goal to improve his life. 

In essence everyone is entrepreneurial in the sense capable stand alone in running his business and his work for achieving his personal goals, his family, his people, the nation and his country, but many of us who do not work and by step to achieve better performance for his future, and he becomes dependent on others, other groups and even other nations and countries. The term entrepreneurship, the basic word comes from translation

entrepreneur, who in English is familiar with the between taker or go-between. In the Middle Ages, the term entrepreneur was used to describe a person actor who leads a production project, The concept of entrepreneurship is fully expressed by Josep Schumpeter, namely as a person who breaks the existing economic system by introducing new goods and services, with creating new organizational forms or processing new raw materials.The person performs his activities through a new business organization or even existing ones. 

In the definition, it is stressed that Entrepreneur is a person who sees opportunities later creating an organization to take advantage of these opportunities. While the entrepreneurial process is covering all activities of the function and actions to pursue and exploit opportunities for creating an organization. The term entrepreneur and entrepreneur is often used simultaneously, although it has a somewhat substantial substance different.

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