ways to cultivate the meaning of honesty and responsibility

Posted by Imam Larh on Tuesday, 27 February 2018

We must love ourselves, family, nation, and country. Positive, creative, and dynamic thinking will deliver results in life. To achieve the goals aspired to the meaning of honesty and discipline must be embedded from an early age. We must learn in understanding and living the efficacy of honesty in life and truth in the sense of life. We must determine the purpose of the honesty of life.

The ways to cultivate the meaning of honesty and responsibility are as follows:

A. Deity to the Almighty God With the fear of God Almighty, we mean:
1. Learn to obtain cleanliness and inner freedom
2. Learn to emphasize the crowd or the inner virtues
3. Educate yourself so that it has good morale
4. Learn to comply with applicable law
5. Improve prayer and work.

B. Train self-discipline
It is impossible to be an honest and responsible entrepreneur if he does not develop his own personality. By training the self-discipline of personality we will gain fortitude, resilience, tranquility, behavior, and deeds. Being honest in all business activities will create a peace of mind and mind. 

No one can predict exactly what will happen tomorrow. Certainty exists only in God Almighty. For that discipline is an activity of the human self in obedience and nurture
an independent personality.

c. Honesty and discipline
We should be grateful for God's blessings. People who can be grateful for the blessings of God are honest people and have the optimal attitude always want to go forward, have to learn a lot and have confidence in the effort. Pursue goals that relate to the abilities and skills acquired. If you are honest and responsible in the pursuit of citacita, you will be able to achieve success. 

Love of work will encourage people to work. People who like to work are people who do not waste their time with useless. These are entrepreneurs who easily get business opportunities. Faith, trust and confidence is an invaluable treasure. We do not despair, surrender, surrender, and do not want to fight. We must have a work ethic with high spirits, willing to fight with an optimistic attitude to go forward. An honest entrepreneur in the face of work and challenges, generally succeeds in entrepreneurship. 

As for the type of work done, whatever professions it faces, we must be able to look forward and strive to achieve what is desired. Honesty and optimism want to advance in entrepreneurship is the fruit of positive efforts that tirelessly. Accept yourself as is and try to emphasize the strengths and reduce the weaknesses. If you have honesty and optimism to move forward, the capital must be have high morale, fighting power without giving up and confidence. Praying is the most effective medicine that can refresh the mind. 

Giving up on destiny does not mean to give up. Man is turned on to win and be optimistic to move forward. But there is still the possibility of failure, but not fear, because they want to learn from the failure. It would be more profitable for humans to change their destiny by having the qualities of honesty and responsibility. Honesty is hard to get, but once it has been gained will be a most important treasure.

The meaning of honesty can be measured by indicators that can be followed as follows:
  1. Religion,
  2. Logic,
  3. Regulations,
  4. Norms and values, and
  5. Agreed Agreement.

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