High School Teacher Fired, Upload Video Kiss with a Student while teaching

Posted by Imam Larh on Thursday, 22 March 2018

High School Teacher Fired, Upload Video Kiss with a Student while teaching

BEIJING - A high school teacher in China was fired after a video of immoral with his students circulated. He uploaded the nasty video to the internet.

The 47-year-old high school physics teacher in Luonan, Shaanxi Province, kissed his students while giving extra tutoring. He gave physics lessons three times a week since November last year and was paid 100 yuan or about Rp217,000 per hour.

In the video, the perpetrator hugged the 17-year-old teenager's waist and kissed his face and lips. The nasty act was recorded by a student using a mobile video camera and then uploaded by a physics teacher earlier this month.

In fact, the unidentified man uploaded the video to a private collection. But he forgot to enable the 'private' feature to become public consumption and become viral.

Meanwhile, the school immediately dismissed the perpetrator after conducting an investigation. Not only that, the school also revoked the certification of teachers from the local education office and asked him to return all the cost of tutoring, which is 2,000 yuan, to the family of the girls.

"The police have investigated the case and the girl does not feel compelled (kissing her).She took the video and the teacher uploaded it to QQ (video platform)," said the headmaster, quoted from Beijing News.

Police also found no evidence they had anything more to do than that.


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