Plane crashes over home in the Philippines

Posted by Imam Larh on Sunday, 18 March 2018

MANILA - A small plane crashed into a house in the Philippines, Saturday (17/3/2018). At least seven people, while airplanes and residents who were at home, died.

The spokesman for the Philippine Civil Aviation Authority, Eric Apolonio, said the Apache Lite Air Express's Piper 23 aircraft carried six people, including two crew.

The plane took off from Plaridel Airport to Laoag, northeast of Luzon. The position of the fall not far from the takeoff site.

While one more victim is a resident of the house.

Apolonio said, related to this accident, all aircraft operated by Lite Air Express is grounded, for further investigation.

"The results of the investigation revealed the plane took off from the runway of Plaridel Airport, but unfortunately fell in the settlements," said Philippine police spokesman John Bulalacao.


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