The First Underwater Restaurant in Europe

Posted by Imam Larh on Tuesday, 20 March 2018

The First Underwater Restaurant in Europe

The first subsea restaurant in Europe will be opened in Lindesnes, Norway. The plan, this restaurant will open in early 2019.

Not just beautiful, underwater restaurant design is also strong, unique, and can spoil the eyes of every visitor.

This restaurant is built on the seabed with a height of five meters below sea level. The restaurant will be fitted with thick walls specially designed to withstand the most varied marine conditions.

The 100-capacity restaurant features a panoramic 10-meter window. This makes the visitors can enjoy the beauty of the underwater world as much as possible. In addition, the menus are served will also focus on seafood and the like.

Visitors can enjoy three levels of restaurants tailored to the depth of the sea. Below the entrance and place of suits, there is a champagne bar. The level of this champagne bar is a transition, between the shoreline and the ocean.

Further down, there will be a dining room with two long tables and several small tables facing a large acrylic window, which is 3 meters high.

Visitors can enjoy the underwater scenery while eating delicious food.

The restaurant, called 'Under', was designed by Norwegian architectural firm Snøhetta, famous for its work on the Norwegian National Opera & Ballet, and Alexandrina Bibliotheca in Egypt. This seafloor restaurant will be Snøhetta's first underwater project.

"One of the benefits of this building is how to connect nature and land, and how you can survive the land and in a very dramatic way down through these concrete tubes into the subcontinent, and experience what has never happened," said the main architect the project, Rune Grasdal, as reported by CNN, Wednesday (21/3/2018).

Grasdal says it's important to make visitors feel secure and not overcrowded. To achieve this, the design team considered elements of natural materials, such as oak, and good lighting.

"It should be a fun experience but people should also feel safe and healthy while sitting there," Grasdal said.

The head chef of the restaurant, Nicolai Ellitsgaard, will serve the menu based on the season. For example, local vegetables will be a menu in spring or summer, and in winter there will be a menu of mushrooms and beans.

However, the menu of shellfish or the like will be a meal throughout the year.


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