The importance of prestigious work

Posted by Imam Larh on Friday, 9 March 2018

1. Understanding the behavior of work prestative
Everyone's desire to move forward and achieve is unavoidable. An entrepreneur must do and work prestative. What is a prestative? Prestatif means an entrepreneur is always ambitious to go forward (ambition drive). Here an entrepreneur has a high commitment to his work or his duties and every moment his mind cannot be separated from his business. An entrepreneur who wants to succeed in his business should not be sluggish, resigned himself, does not want to fight, but must be passionate, striving and ambitious to go forward with a high commitment to his work.

By doing and working prestative to the business, the entrepreneur will succeed in its business activity. Doing and working in a prestative is the basic capital for the success of an entrepreneur. A successful entrepreneur always runs the times where he has to work hard, to work hard in pioneering his business. 

An entrepreneur who has high spirits, willing to fight for the progress of his business. An entrepreneur who has high spirits, willing to fight to go ahead doing business. He who does and work in a prestative and always persistent in the face of work and the challenges it faces are usually always successful in the business.

Whatever type of work is done, any profession that is run, an entrepreneur must be able to look ahead and strive to achieve success in his business. Entrepreneurs who work in a prestative, penchant or madness in his business work. 

According to Zimmerer, the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs as they work in a prestigious manner are as follows.
  1. Have a high commitment to his job or his job. May say every time his mind is not separated from his company.
  2. Want to be responsible. Whatever action he did was always followed by a sense of responsibility.
  3. This responsible desire, closely related to maintaining the internal locus of control is entrepreneurial interest in him.
  4. Opportunities to achieve obsession. An entrepreneur must have an obsession to achieve high achievement and can be created.
  5. Tolerance to achieve the risk of uncertainty and uncertainty
  6. Sure of his
  7. Creative and flexible
  8. Want to get back up immediately. He has a strong desire to use his knowledge and experience to improve his appearance.
  9. Entrepreneurial Entrepreneur is better than the average person.
  10. Motivation to be superior. An entrepreneur has the motivation to work higher and superior to what has been done.
  11. Oriented to the future
  12. Want to learn from failure. An entrepreneur is not afraid of failure, he focuses on his future success and uses his failure as a valuable teacher.
  13. Leadership ability. An entrepreneur must be able to be a good leader in leading non-human resources and should be managed as well as possible.
Murpy and Peck (1980) describe there are eight paths to successful entrepreneurs to advance as follows.
  • Willingness to work hard
  • Working with others
  • Good appearance
  • Self-confidence
  • Good at making decisions
  • Want to add knowledge
  • Ambition to move forward
  • Good at communicating
Stephen Covey, in his book First Thing's First, reveals four potential sides of human beings to advance:
  • Self-awareness is an introspective and possessive attitude
  • Conscience is to sharpen the conscience, to become human goodwill while bringing the uniqueness and have a mission in life
  • Independent Will is an independent outlook for the provision of action and the power to benefit results
  • Creative imagination is thinking and moving forward to solve problems with imagination, imagination, and having with the right.
By doing and working prestative to the business, the entrepreneur will succeed in its business activity. To be a successful entrepreneur, must have the characteristics of prestative characteristics as follows:

1. Confident
a. Confidence
b. Dependence
c. Individualistic
d. Optimism
e. Oriented and results

2. The need for achievement
a. Profit-oriented
b. Persistence and fortitude
c. Hard work
d. Have a strong drive

3. Risk-taking
a.  Energy and initiative
b. The ability to take risks
c. Likes the challenge

4. Leadership
a.  Be a leader
b. Can get along with others
c.  Responding to suggestions and criticism

5. Originality
a. Innovative, creative, and flexible
b. Have many sources
c, Multi-talented
d. Know a lot

6. Future-oriented
a. A view of the future
b. Perceptive

If the prestigious characteristics of an entrepreneur are applied in the business then:
a. He has a determination to try but not necessarily;
b. He was introspective and determined to go forward, after receiving feedback;
c. He thinks there is a possibility of failure, but he does not flinch;
d. He wants to move forward or be independent, even at high risk;
e. He thinks positively because he wants to be creative.

After recognizing the characteristics of prestige and competence, eventually, an entrepreneur will determine the following things.
a. Do we need to be the entrepreneur?
b. Is entrepreneur waiting for instructions?
c. Will entrepreneurship await inspiration?
d. Is entrepreneurship coming capital?
e. Is entrepreneur waiting for friends?
f. When will you start entrepreneurship?
g. Do entrepreneurs have to conduct a survey first?

Below are some of the prestigious work philosophies of entrepreneurs that need to be lived.
a. Life has to learn a lot about itself.
b. Business failure should be accepted as experience
c. The power of effort comes from its own actions.
d. Risk of failure is always there,
e. The entrepreneur must accept and be responsible
f. There was success trying, after the failure
g. Entrepreneurs who avoid low-risk
h. Steer clear of the high risk of wanting to succeed
i. The greatest treasure is positive in the business.
j. Achievement is determined by attitudes and actions of self-employment.
k. Kerjarlah ability and skills possessed
l. Accept what it is and reduce the weaknesses.

2. Embed the behavior of prestative work.
Before further elaborating on guidance in the prestigious work, then first we must know about the effectiveness of work and efficiency work. Entrepreneurs who work prestative must have the effectiveness of work and efficiency wor the entrepreneur must work measurable, well planned and controlled in every action result. 

The effectiveness of work is a work that can be completed on time, in accordance with a predetermined plan. In other words, the effectiveness of work is to what extent the goal has been achieved in terms of quality and quantity. Everyone has the ability to organize all activities without any limitations.

And an entrepreneur has the ability to organize activities with a planned and measurable with the behavior of certain results. Efficient work is the best comparison between input and output, between business power and business results, or between expenditure and income. In other words, efficient work is everything

which is done efficiently or everything can be completed properly, quickly, efficiently and effectively.
  1. Right; meaning to work to achieve goals in accordance with the desired or all that aspire achieved.
  2. Fast; meaning to set the time precisely at a certain level. When the work can be completed more quickly or precisely at the time set
  3. Save; meaning at a certain cost without any waste in any field of work that produces at a certain level as well
  4. To be effective; means that all things come to the intended purpose of the work without experiencing obstacles, so as to achieve certain achievements.
Remember that setting goals, setting priorities, and setting deadlines for achieving each goal are productive and effective activities. That each goal is a productive and effective action must be followed by the success achieved. Because the success of a company is strongly influenced by the ability of companies to market their products, so as to prepare, understand, support and meet the needs of the target market.

The drive to develop the resources of an organization to meet the need for progress can be enjoyed. In working, entrepreneurs should be goal-oriented, in the sense of having short-term and long-term goals. They must handle their most important jobs or most important and leave less important work. 

The importance of prestigious work is something that needs to be donated in the framework of joint ventures, in the absence of waste of time, cost, energy and so on. Entrepreneurs who carry out activities in the field of business requires effort hard work in a prestative, effective, and efficient.

In instilling that hard work, a hidden sense of inner satisfaction cannot be enjoyed by other professions. Entrepreneurs always put priority first, then prestige, not the other way around.
Implanting work in a prestigious way can drive the motivation to work earnestly. The people who succeed in business are the ones who want to work hard, bear suffering, and want to fight to improve their fate. 

The prestigious work planning behavior as follows:
a. Incubation period
Whenever self-development must be tailored to matching businesses. Ideas can be developed and planned well so planning can be well developed as well.

b. Planning source analysis
When working well done by analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This means that work has contained ingredients that are very important for planning work in a prestative.

c. Objectives are clear, realistic and exciting
Working to fit the target needs to be reflected, imagined, and coveted as exciting as possible, so it can excite the spirit of work and can be done as expected.

d. Measurable results
Working with goals needs to be reflected, imagined, and coveted as effectively as possible, so as to encourage the performer's intent to work efficiently.

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