The Scenes Like on Mars, the Snow Falls Fall in Eastern Europe

Posted by Imam Larh on Monday, 26 March 2018

The Scenes Like on Mars, the Snow Falls Fall in Eastern Europe

Unusual natural phenomena re-occur in Europe. This time, residents made a scene because of orange-colored snow fell in Eastern Europe.

Reported by the BBC on Tuesday (26/3/2018), the orange-colored snow was down in several countries such as Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania, and Moldova. Various snapshots of orange-uploaded orange became viral in the media and stirred up the citizens.

Skiers and surfers from various resorts in the mountains near Sochi City, Russia, uploaded photos of the unusual phenomenon. There was an orange snow stretching in the mountains and tourists seemed to be Mars.

Seeing this, many people amazed because of the snow identical white. However, it is not possible snow is not white.

Meteorologists say the phenomenon is caused by sandstorms in the Sahara desert mixed with snow and rain. This causes the snow color to turn orange.

This phenomenon occurs every five years, but this time the sand concentration is higher than usual. As a result of this phenomenon, many residents complained of sand in their mouths.


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