The wreck of the USS Lexington Master Ship found by Microsoft founder

Posted by Imam Larh on Friday, 9 March 2018

WEACCOUNTING NEWS - The wreck of the USS Lexington, a US Navy aircraft carrier that sunk during the Second World War, was discovered in the Coral Sea by a search team led by one of Microsoft's founders, Paul Allen. The discovery was announced on Monday (5/3).

The team released pictures and videos of USS Lexington, one of the first US aircraft carriers to sink together several planes during the Second World War. 
The planes look durable at the bottom of the sea with the US Air Force's five-inch badge on their wings and bodies. On one plane, the Felix the Cat cartoon character can be seen along with four miniature Japanese flags that may symbolize the count of "murder".

USS Lexington and another US aircraft carrier named USS Yorktown fought against three Japanese aircraft carriers from May 4-8, 1942 in the Battle of the Coral Sea. This battle is the first battle between aircraft carriers.
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Lexington was severely damaged deliberately drowned by other US warships at the end of the battle. The nickname of this ship is "Lady Lex". More than 200 crew members were killed in the fighting.

One of the sailors who successfully evacuated at that time was the father of Commander of the US Navy Pacific Command, Admiral Harry Harris. Harris paid tribute to the success of this research effort.

"As the son of one of the survivors of the USS Lexington, I congratulate Paul Allen and the expedition crew of Research Vessel (R / V) Petrel who has discovered 'Lady Lex,' which sank nearly 76 years ago at the Battle of the Sea Coral, "Harris said in a statement.

"We respect the courage and sacrifice of the sailors 'Lady Lex' - and all Americans who fought in World War II - by continuing to guarantee the freedom they won for all of us," he said. When drowning, USS Lexington was carrying 35 planes with him.

The search team said 11 planes had been found including Doughlas TBD-1 Devastators, Doughlas SBD-3 Dauntlesses, and Grumman F4F-3 Wildcats.

Allen's search team has found the wreckage of a number of historic warships including the USS Indianapolis. USS Indianapolis is a large US cruiser that sank in the Philippines Sea in July 1945 after being blown up by a Japanese submarine.

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