United States and Russia Race the First Man to Mars in 2019

Posted by Imam Larh on Friday, 16 March 2018

WASHINGTON - United States President Donald Trump affirmed the seriousness of his country sending humans to Mars in 2019. Trump said he wanted to surpass John F Kennedy's desire to send humans to the Red Planet.

"By the way, we're looking at Mars," Trump said, to MPs, on Capitol Hill, quoted from the Tribune News Service.

He praised Kennedy's vision of sending people to the moon in the 1960s when most people thought that going to Earth satellites was just a fantasy.

"Trying to surpass Kennedy, we're going to go there (Mars)." So far the development is good enough, many things have happened, long before the schedule, "he said.

Kennedy's great wish came true, the US became the world's first country to send mankind to the moon in 1969 or 6 years after Kennedy was assassinated.

But there has been no detailed information on the development of the US Government's mission, in this case, NASA, regarding the preparation of sending humans to Mars. NASA has long been researching and testing vehicles for use on Mars.

SpaceX private companies have tested rockets that will bring humans to Mars. The company that founded Elon Musk launched three Falcon Heavy, the most powerful rocket in the world today. Remarkably, two of the rockets could land again to Earth, just a few kilometers from the position at launch.

Problem sending humans to Mars, the US is not alone. Just as Kennedy aspired to send people to the moon, Russia also had the same wish.

Apparently, this time Russia does not want to lose again. Russian President Vladimir Putin even promised to defeat the US, becoming the first country to send humans to Mars next year.

"As soon as 2019 we will launch a mission to Mars," Putin said in a documentary uploaded on Russian social media yesterday.


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