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Posted by Imam Larh on Sunday, 18 March 2018

1. Internship

Vocational schools are typical high schools by developing the basic vocational competencies required by the world of work. This school is not widely owned in each region. School-based on the needs and potential introduction from their respective regions. Vocational schools are still subject to limitations in terms of quantity and quality of teachers, trainers and facilities, and equipment of practice. 

Therefore, the world education and teaching at the vocational level should begin to be brought closer to the business world, the industrial world and the world of work in the field in an integrated way. What has been pioneered in the vocational world is expected to be the basic color of middle-level ability in society at large. 

In order for vocational schools to develop teaching that prepares entrepreneurial human beings, it is necessary to have synergy, effective and efficient cooperation between school, family, labor industrial user community, and the world economy in general. 

This synergy is expected to continue to grow and develop on the basis of developing ideas and seize opportunities as much as possible.

Vocational students better understand and appreciate the activities of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial spirit, it is expected that students can carry out an apprenticeship. What is an internship? Internships are studying to work in business activities or business Entrepreneurship with certain companies in certain fields as well. 

In other words, the apprenticeship is to work in a recognized business with a certain curriculum within a defined company. This understanding puts students in possession of a basic understanding of the areas studied with established work standards. Life is not only formally studied but informal activities and personal experiences can be a mirror of success.

In general, there is a misconception that everything that needs to be known in this life can be taught all through formal education. In fact, such an opinion is not entirely appropriate, diligence and acuteness of observation in internship activities, it is able to deliver students to attract a variety of business or business lessons that are useful for self-applied in entrepreneurship. 

The community is given the freedom to choose an enhanced competence in accordance with the level of teaching. Until now the interest of students to pursue vocational education is still low. We can not turn a blind eye to the facts about the personal qualities of most of the vocational high school graduates. Most graduates, upon completion of their studies, tend to seek work and are limited in information. 

A fact that needs to be reflected in that most vocational students after completion of their studies act as factory workers, employees and so on rarely middle-level vocational graduates who are willing and able to create and develop jobs, both for themselves and for others. In order to cope the above problems, one of education can be done through internship or work in the entrepreneurship activities are very very important.

Internship activities are usually done on vocational high school students while doing fieldwork practice. So far the meaning is only limited to the learning process alone so that the ability to develop ideas and seize opportunities not tested properly. 

The ability of students to develop themselves as entrepreneurs is expected to apprenticeship to create successes develop ideas and create opportunities. Generally speaking, if they become entrepreneurs then it will be people who have the potential to excel.

They will always have a high motivation to advance in entrepreneurship. Under any circumstances, if they become Entrepreneurs it will be able to help themselves in overcoming the problem. Therefore, upon completion of work in Entrepreneurship (internship) activities, vocational school students are expected to have strong personalities, as follows:
  1. Have a passion for hard work
  2. Able to develop ideas well
  3. Have a mental attitude entrepreneurship
  4. Have a high morale
  5. Have entrepreneurship skills
  6. Has sensitivity to the meaning of the environment
  7. Continually develop to achieve and develop opportunities
  8. Have a desire to excel.
2. Make a note of Entrepreneurial activity.

Good entrepreneurs are able to recall activities that have been done and evaluate the upcoming plans. Of course, not all entrepreneurs are able to recall work that has been resolved properly. 

Of course, good action is to make the planning and records that have been done. Make notes entrepreneurial activities and reporting are very important and can be presented. The execution presents a record of activities of the entrepreneur, can be formulated in written form. 

As for notes, entrepreneurial activity is about the success and failure and the problem, so the record becomes the material evaluation of the success that has been made. 

Make notes of Entrepreneurial activities, including:
  1. Buy and sell activities in business and trade;
  2. Activities in the field of geodesy
  3. Debt accounts activities;
  4. Working activities within the factory in a wide range of goods and services;
  5. Activities in the building
  6. Activities under the supervision of work;
  7. Business or business promotional activities;
  8. Activities in the field of architecture and civil;
  9. Production process activities;
  10. Product distribution activities;
  11. Transport activities
  12. Tourism activities.
More and more entrepreneurs are progressing the country. For the demands of innovation and creativity of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial Creativity feels in line with the trend that is mushrooming in developed and developing countries. Entrepreneurs are increasingly prominent, playing a strategic and quality role in society. 

In the process of entrepreneurship development, we need to conduct an appealing activity with experiences that occur in developed countries. Having been deeply observed and observed at the time of apprenticeship, it turns out that Entrepreneurial activities are very broad, which includes the following activities.

a. In the field of promotion business, including:
  1. Create a new meaning of a product;
  2. Promoting services;
  3. Provide added value to the product.
b. In the field of freight business, including:
  1. Give a new role in transportation
  2. Deploy a freight fleet
c. In the field of computer maintenance business, including:
  1. ? technicians in care and repair;
  2. ? create added value on the damaged computer to buy, repair, and resell.
d. In the field of a business institution, including:
  1. Creating new opportunities for busyness and adding value to traditional cuisine;
  2. Market fast food typical?
  3. Creating new dishes and menus
e. In the field of human resources services business, including:
  1. Provide brick-making skills, drawings with Auto cad, batik art, carving art, ceramic art, painting, voice, music art, and so on.
  2. Provide guidance to craftsmen, Entrepreneurs candidates, and so forth
  3. Conducting skills courses.
f. In the processed business field, including:
  1. ? Creating new opportunities for materials between raw materials and consumer needs, adding value to raw materials through the processed process;
  2. ? Utilizing technology to process raw materials;
  3. ? Marketing products that consumers need.
g. In the field of recruitment business, includes
  1. Human resource training and selling ability;
  2. Equipping knowledge and selling skills;
  3. Meeting the needs of the seller's workforce and job seeker needs.
h. In the field of credit business, including:
  1. Meeting the needs of suppliers and users;
  2. Creating new opportunities from the difficulty of cash procurement and sale of goods;
  3. Provide added value to cash and capital goods or consumer goods;
i. In the field of debriefing business, including:
  1. Utilize both parties' capital with time management;
  2. Guarantee supplier quality and sustainability;
  3. Creating new opportunities for the culture to be served;
  4. Adding value to capital goods or finished products needed.
j. In the field of souvenir business, including:
  1. HR training souvenir development
  2. Create your own unique souvenirs;
  3. Marketing the local handicrafts that potential to be used as souvenirs.
  4. Develop souvenir markets
k. In the field of building the business, including
  1. Human resource training and image capability in line with technological developments;
  2. Human resources training and field capability of wall plastering;
  3. Providing knowledge and skills to sell the drawings;
  4. Meeting the need for labor and job seeker needs.
l. In the field of geodesy business, include
  1. Training of human resources in the field of the mapping survey
  2. Developing mapping survey capabilities;
  3. Equip knowledge and skills of survey mapping;
  4. Meeting the needs of the workforce and the needs of job seekers in the field of surveying and mapping.
m. In the field of the fashion business, including:
  1. Giving Madya experts in the field of design-design
  2. Creating new opportunities for existing designs and
  3. Adding value to traditional clothing; marketing the results of typical Indonesian design
  4. creating synergies of new designs and new fashion show
n. In the field of tourism business, including:
  1. Creating new opportunities from the flurry of international openness and adding value to the tourist areas;
  2. Market the products of typical tourism Indonesia
  3. Creating typical Indonesian products for tourism.
Records of other Entrepreneurial activities are as follows:

a. In the field of production
Production activities can be classified into three levels:

1) Primary production
Activity Primary production refers to the activity of extracting sources available in the earth and nature. Included in this activity are forestry, marine, agriculture, mining, energy, and fisheries.

2) Secondary production
Secondary production activities refer to natural resource utilization activities, or raw materials processed and processed into semi-finished or finished goods. Included in this activity is the manufacturing of components that are disassembling into industrial goods or consumer goods.

a) Tertiary Production
Tertiary production refers to the more dominant activity of producing services compared to tangible goods. Services generated such as lecturers, doctors, teachers, engineers, restaurants, transportation, and so forth.

b. In the field of distribution
In the current economic activities, production activities continue to run well in accordance with the needs of the community. Therefore, in order to prevent the production from occurring in one particular area, the activities of distaste should be done.

 Distribution refers to the movement of goods and services from producers to consumers or producers, distributors and directly to consumers.

c. In the field of consumption
The benchmark of successful producers, usually seen from the high demand for goods and services. The distribution network brings goods and services to consumers and reflects the level of demand for goods and services.
  1. Self-knowledge is the beginning of an Entrepreneur to be able to recognize oneself, to recognize the environment, to sense business opportunities and to mobilize resources, to seize business opportunities.
  2. Entrepreneurs will be able to live successfully if they are able to get to know the customers well, maintain good relationships with suppliers and customers.
  3. Introduction business well, to have or use it, so that customers provide a good image Entrepreneurship is not limited in economic activities alone, but other aspects that can affect economic activity can be said as entrepreneurship. Therefore, based on writer's observation, Entrepreneurial activity is very wide

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