How to start a business without money

Posted by Imam Larh on Sunday, 22 April 2018

How to starting a business without money
How to start a business without money
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In the following article in accordance with the title "How To Online Business Without Capital", perhaps from you who read the word was assumed that it is impossible to do business without capital. But at this time I will explain it to you briefly, densely and clearly.

So if you guys assume that doing business with without capital is not using percent money or for free of course it is very can not because you have to use the internet (quota) to be able to access the internet.

But online business on the internet for free of course there are ways and have advantages and disadvantages as well.

Here's a discussion on How To Online Business Without Capital.

Online Business Without Capital with the blog (Blogger / Blogspot

In this way is to sell your product or service using a blog where you as a Publisher on Blogs of others. But of course the result is not so much compared to Blog Selling Online, But to be able to generate a lot of income. You can Publish articles on his blog Outsiders / Bule. But you also must be able to speak English well.

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Online Business With Facebook Without Capital
Why choose facebook? Because Facebook is very popular where you can share with your friends or publicly about your business. Where to promote your services or business you must create a PAGE (Page).

After you create a Page and Give the Title of your pitch according to your desires then you then promote your Page by sharing your Page with friends or publicly. If you have a little capital you can also promote your Page with Premium Features (Prepaid).

And need to be careful also in these days a lot of Jail, why I say so? Because Many people who order services/goods but not serious just playing games alone.

From that also you have to be patient will face it. And also you have to comment on your customers quickly and well so that customers feel comfortable.

Do not have a product to sell?

If you do not have a product to sell you can do business by utilizing your knowledge to become a Publisher (Publisher) on the blog of others Local and Outside.

And you can also join the famous Online Selling blog to work there, you can work as a new product to promote. And the most important thing is you should be able to speak English if you join the blog Outside.

Other Ideas for Business without capital

For other ideas is you can create your own Blog by using Blogger (Blogspot) if you have a lot of information. You can post them on your blog, and keep in mind make content useful for others.

Do not make articles about Adult Content very bad and your blog can be deleted by Google.

And one more thing does not ever make an article from Copas (Copy Paste) because later Google knows whether the content or your article is original your own writing or take from other blogs, and if taken from other blogs then the content is called Plagiarism.

That's How Online Business Without Capital that I can share for all of you, I hope the article I have written is very useful or useful for you.

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