Men's Disease Is New Found After Died

Posted by Imam Larh on Monday, 9 April 2018

Men's Disease Is New Found After Died

A father of three children died after doctors failed to find his illness, though he visited doctors every week in the months leading up to his death.

Ricky Collier (29 Years) from Preston, Lancashire has complained of pain in his calf and breathless since February.

Reporting from the Daily Mail, Katie Hill (29 Years), her fiancé claims medics cannot find anything wrong on her health.

On March 14, Ricky called Katie and asked Katie to get back to work early because she was not feeling well. In addition, Ricky also tells her, 'AkuSaat Katie reached the door of the house 15 minutes later, an ambulance crew came and struggled to save Ricky's life.

Tragically, Ricky died before being taken to the hospital.

He left Katie, and their three children, Alicia (10 Years), Alfie (4 Years) and Ava (1 Year).

After Ricky died, Katie was notified that Ricky suffered from a combination of deep blood vessel blockage and pulmonary embolism or blocked arteries in the lungs. love you '.

Katie is convinced that Ricky's death can be avoided if Ricky is given a simple blood test two weeks before her death when she visits the Royal Preston Hospital.

Previously, Ricky complained about his shortness of breath and pain in his legs about five weeks before his death.

He went to the general practitioner five times and he was diagnosed with sore throat and bronchitis and was given antibiotics only.

When Ricky had an unusual illness, he was never even offered a blood test.

A few days before he died he called an ambulance home and did an EKG (electrocardiogram examination) and X-ray the next day, but everything looked clean.

Katie thought a simple thing like a blood test could help her find the cause of the pain that later discovered the cause was a blood clot.

Katie said if it could not save her life, at least they could do more to help Ricky.

Now Katie and her children must lose the compassionate father's figure and love them with all their heart.

A spokeswoman for Royal Preston Hospital declined to comment on Ricky's death but said if the family wanted to discuss anything with the hospital they would facilitate it.

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